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  1. Why do you assume that Europe will accept that you, UK, reschedule the Brexit? i don’t know if you can or not, but here in Portugal there are already some alerts to UK citizens that after the 31st of October they are not legal to stay here unless they ask a visa... brexit or no brexit...I just care really about the jagsd
  2. Did they redund you the taxes (VAT) that you pay directly to them? if not, you are paying twice those taxes I just checked my invoice, VAT was not charged so ignore what i said.
  3. Not in Portugal....similar in taxes but we must show the bank account....
  4. Saint, I really hope that you take in consideration the no deal brexit and try to ship the carts before the end of October. Again, like many others have said, i am also very pleased and grateful of your work.
  5. I call this ppl gamers... can't wait for having your cart.
  6. Yep psio is great and dont forget to use the tool available in their forum to convert several bin files to a single one.
  7. When do you expect to ship it ? and can you give me an example of this customizations: Up to 15 characters displayed on startup Picture of your choice displayed on startup Regards
  8. He means mvs instead aes. 100 games and many bootleg versions of the same game hardly covers the mvs and the aes library. Definitely I would buy a aes multicart since mvs games prices are crazy high. An affordable converter mvs to aes would also be great
  9. Mmm

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I never showed interest because i prefer to read than write posts....So it seems that now i have to declare interest. Count me in please.
  10. Rick i don't know if you were the first paid about 5-10 min ago
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