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  1. Sixteen Candles is great! Weird Science too.
  2. Brought my modded Flashback, which now has every Intv game - including prototypes - along with every 2600, 7800 + Colecovision game (thanks Eddie!) up to my mom's in Poughkeepsie, NY and played Backgammon (with her), Snafu, Carnival + Frogger (with my sister).
  3. Hi decle, Thanks for taking the time to do all that work! I've had a chance to listen to the roms and yeah, I guess it would be a rather difficult task to completely re-create the tunes from scratch. While decent attempts, none really come remotely close to replicating what's on the cassette recordings. The music.rom file came the closest, until (like you said) the chords kicked in and it became a mess. As far as picking out the notes goes, while I am okay at playing piano by ear, to totally recreate something like that Ragtime tune (does ANYONE out there know the actual name for it??) would be a daunting task. And even if I were able to accomplish this, I wouldn't know how to transpose what I'm playing into anything useful for a potential programmer. So, I guess the mono cassette recordings will have to stand as the best representation of those songs as how they actually sounded back then. Still, I admire the time and effort you put in, and while The Entertainer isn't quite the PlayCable version, it was quite entertaining in its own right. So thanks for making the effort, decle. It is very much appreciated!
  4. Almost forgot to upload the final song from the PlayCable menu. This time it's Music Box Dancer. I wish I had better visuals to go with the audio, but at least all three rare songs are now "out there"!
  5. It looks like the errors have extended to your post! You mention Bowling, yet the photo in your post shows Boxing.
  6. I have no knowledge/experience programming in the Intv, so I wouldn't know where to begin. I was hoping that folks with more experience/know-how might want to take a crack at it. As for the beeps at the beginning, they were present at the start of every game load, sounding exactly the same. I think it was just in there to give the user the sense that SOMETHING was happening while they waited for the game to load. If anything was capable of re-creating the PlayCable signal, it would have been whatever was coming from the "ADAPTOR" RCA jack on the RF box as THAT was what was feeding the unit all the info. Unfortunately, I never thought to try and make a recording of that. And, given my crude methods for recording, it's very doubtful that such a recording would even be useful to us here in 2017.
  7. Here's another song - The Entertainer:
  8. Each page was the same, style-wise. The screen was similar to the splash screen in that it had the same starry background with the same "push disc" message on the bar at the bottom (white text on a green bar, IIRC) The games were arranged alphabetically in the menus and were four to a page, and each was numbered like this (for example): 1. ARMOR BATTLE 2. ASTROSMASH 3. BACKGAMMON 4. BASEBALL To select a game from a page, you simply pressed the corresponding number and "Enter". The game would then load up, with the same short beeps you hear at the beginning of the video (though it would last for about 5-10 seconds), leading to four long beeps (like the two heard on the video). The title screen would then be displayed as if the system was just powered up with the cartridge in. If you wanted to return to the PlayCable menu, you had to hit reset (or power off/on) as there was no way to do it from the hand controllers.
  9. The RF switch box had two RCA inputs - one labeled GAME (for the Intellivision) and another labeled ADAPTOR. The coax for cable TV also went into the box so, I imagine there was a signal being sent that was specifically for PlayCable. We still used the RF box to connect cable to our TV for about a decade after we got rid of PlayCable (as the box worked just fine for regular cable as well), but it's long gone by now at my mom's house.
  10. That "someone" may have been my brother! I'll reach out and see if HE remembers exactly what the cost was.
  11. Are there any programmers out there who could recreate the music on the tape?
  12. We lived in Poughkeepsie, NY. I don't know the monthly fee and my mon doesn't remember! From the '83 tape, I hear games like Buzz Bombers and Shark! Shark! loading up, so those were among the newest games.
  13. Here are the original cassettes. The top one is from '82 and the bottom from '83:
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