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  1. peace... Can't edit my original message:)
  2. Great Idea Chris, he was a great member of the community, and I am lucky to have his XB2.7 Cart, my favorite one by far....
  3. Just found out that Tony had passed....May he rest in piece...
  4. Fantastic, just read about this in Chris's Newsletter!!!!
  5. I have been waiting to see a detailed mod doing just this, Thank you For sharing!!!!!
  6. Chris is a super nice guy, looking forward to these newletters!!!!
  7. I think I will go with two Rev F when I am all done. Just like that it fits in the 3.5 drive adapters I already have.
  8. Great to know man!!!! If it ever goes out haha.
  9. I had my choice of Push or the Rocker Switch, and I chose the Rocker Switch, plus I should haven't to change any fuses in it, I believe the Push Button has fuses that need to be changed from time to time.
  10. I was looking at Ti stuff and found some emulators and then this site came up after doing more searching.
  11. Welcome to the forum Tim, your story sound a lot like mine!!!!!
  12. Extended 2.7 for me, the most used cartridge right now:)
  13. Yeah I want that 80 track mod too hahah. But first the F18A it will be dang neat to see the TI on a modern LED monitor haha.
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