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  1. It's been a while since I've popped in to see how things were progressing, but I saw SainTs light on and dropped by. Magic is still being created and I'm appreciative of all the grand work. Enjoy the sun!
  2. We can make a list for you My cart arrived (to the other side of the planet) on Thursday and I loaded it up today and it works like a beaut. It's got the SainT official seal of quality written all over it. Thanks mate and looking forward to the Jag and future Wonderswan cart
  3. Nothing to see here, just posting so I can keep a track of this bit of mago work. P.s. For interested parties, SainT did an awesome job on the Lynx cart.
  4. Golly Gosh! The NGP had progressed so quick, that'll be added to the Jag cart to go with my Lynx one Awesome work as always sir saint
  5. SainT has unlocked the "I'm even more completely awesome" achievement.
  6. Everyone needs to stop ordering otherwise the Jaguar cart will never get started :-p On a more serious note, this thread just continues to show how wonderful everyone knows this cart will be and its a credit to the hard work by Saint.
  7. Awesome work Saint. I await my number to be called from the list for a couple of cased.
  8. gsxrboy

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I'd be up for a couple of jag ones too! Amazing news on top of the Lynx goodness already.
  9. I look forward to reading some reviews
  10. That's awesome news Tim, thanks on behalf of all 7800 owners
  11. Can you recommend a place to buy one from? Cheers!
  12. Will there be optional accessories like cup holders available for purchase?
  13. Awesome work again Tim, a quickie question - could this be adapted to work with a 7800 one day?
  14. gsxrboy

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Wonderful progress, many thanks from us all
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