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  1. Definitely interested in buying one of these! Is there a wait list? Awesome work and the box art is the icing-on-the-cake! If I would have had that cart back in the 1980's I would have never left the house! Luckily I bought the real dedicated machine about 18 years ago for the same $100. Really. The guy thought it wasn't working but it was just plugged in wrong! I just had to throw that in there, one of the best arcade deals that I ever found.
  2. I was going to also 3d print a cover faceplate but just purchased a filler from Amazon since I new that I could never print a matching texture to the other faceplates. Ended up pulling it out though when I added the other drives. I really like using external or internal items, it keeps the original retro look of the system even though 3.5" drive are exactly period correct. The VGA out of the MISE is really cool as is the virtual hd. TRS-80 has a special place to me, first system that I programmed on. The 3.5" drives really made the difference for me initially. I could write floppies on an old laptop that I have that has a 3.5" drive and an early USB for shuttling things into it if I don't feel safe taking Windows 98 online!
  3. The HXC was already in the box but I added the lit power-switch and the bezel logo. I added a couple of switches on the Model IV itself so that I could switch the boot drive to be either the 5.25" or the 3.5" drive or the HXC itself. It works well. I can't remember exactly how I wired it up but if you're interested I can dig through my notes.
  4. I've finally got my HDX working flawlessly. Thanks again to ArcadeShopper for all of his help answering questions. About the HDX Server program itself. I've learned how to copy, run, etc. from the TIFILES directory that shows up but what is the TIDISKS function in the program. I must me missing something obvious here. Up to this time I've been making folders in my TIFILES directory on the PC and then using TIFILES to covert disk images to this folder. Is there a way to use the disk images themselves without converting? Sorry for the noobness!
  5. Thanks for the all of the replies and the help. I have looked at the p-code pcb and the is nothing obviously visibly wrong but I am digging further. How do you determine the manufacture date of the card as mentioned above?
  6. I just installed a p-code card that I had purchased awhile ago. When the card is switched off the TI boots fine. When switched on, the p-code card's led stays lit solid and I get a continuous tone (beep) through the monitor speaker. Tried pulling most of my other cards in the PEB and in made no difference. I have not yet pulled the clamshell off of the card to check it out but I wanted to see if there's any suggestions to try first.
  7. 1. Park Patrol 2. Pirates 3. Archon II 4. Zenji 5. Spelunker
  8. Nope, not in the slightest. The reason I go to the TI99 is for my nostalgic kick and memories of using it as a teenager. For me if it morphs that far I'll stick with completely modern hardware. It's like putting a 100 watt stereo speaker setup on a Speak & Spell. Why?
  9. One left! Add one more to the collection of things that I will never use!!! Hopefully that will not be the case forever..........
  10. I was already well in the the TI by the time the Atarisoft games came out but those sealed the deal for me. The quality of those games on the TI blew all of the Atarisoft for other platforms out of the water, imho!
  11. I wanted a PEB so bad back in the day that now that I have one I will never let it go! I think it is what make a TI look like a TI. As far as condition goes, I have one in excellent shape (my daily driver), a couple a little rougher waiting for restoration or modification and a brand new one still in its original box as the ultimate safety backup.
  12. Luckily, I own one too but have never yet found the time to try it out. Maybe I should re-organize my priorities! It came with all the games also! Unfortunately it did not come with its awesome looking joystick controller. Maybe someday I will find one!
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