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  1. its all good I found one, thanks everyone
  2. sorry Paul wanted to much, still looking
  3. looking for a atari 130xe or 65xe with power supply NTSC thanks
  4. looking for a 130xe or 65xe with power supply NTSC thank you
  5. if you need one i have a 20 or 30 meg one, i cant remember, but it does work and a megafile circuit board you can have for free, just pay for the shipping. got it in a megafile i converted to a MiST that had a blown power supply.
  6. ask bradley at best electronics, i replaced my mega 4 badge, and it was only $5
  7. but again, why spend that amount of money on shipping, possibly receiving the system or monitor broken in shipping (happened to me getting a 1040ste from england), when they are everywhere around here (Canada/United States). and you dont have to convert anything, monitors are in 60hz, (50hz flickers) , unless you are wanting something rare, there is no need to order from europe. and for the power suppies, the 220v ones that i tried didnt work for me plugged straight in. they just hummed.
  8. but since he is in north america, he still has to buy a new power supply 110v not 220v and that is around $80 from best electronics with shipping, on top of shipping from europe, and a montior from europe doesnt work in north america either. just easier to find one here. they are everywhere
  9. yup, and double that if you are looking for an STE
  10. make one. its only i think 3 wires for monochrome vga output, you can buy the connector for the atari end on ebay for less than $5 then a vga end is also cheap, or pick up a vga cable and cut off one end, they are cheap also, you should be able to make one for less than $15 probably closer to $10, and 20min of your time.
  11. Selling Mega ST 4 upgraded with ADspeed 16mhz, 4096 color upgrade, utlra satan internal SD hard drive, TOS 1.04 and 2.06 switchable, comes with mouse and keyboard, and original box. when i got it the battery door was missing and the connections for the batteries were corroded beyond repair, so i cut a piece of a 2600 cartridge and glued in in place covering the hole. I was going to paint it grey, but never got around to it. looking to sell for $250 + paypal and shipping, or trade for something vintage I dont own. maybe colecovision, apple IIc, etc.
  12. ya, $150cad is a very good price for one
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