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  1. Assuming that the microSD is at position 1 - type FLS 1,/
  2. I was inspired by @tschak909 posts on one of the retrocomputing groups on the engineering use of computers, where he showed how data analysis could be solved using a heatmap. I would like to show how the same problem can be solved using an 8-bit Atari. Here is a video where I show how to export data from VisiCalc and how to load it into my program which will do the analysis. Sources and binary: https://gitlab.com/delysio/heatmap
  3. Wonderful news. Can't wait for full featured Tape Editor! Thanks.
  4. Thank you! Much appreciated for your help.
  5. Need a replacement for very worn label in my SF drive and looking for exact dimensions (x, y, z and angle a). Unfortunately I can't find any reliable information. Anyone? Thanks!
  6. I have been using one for a year with a heavily equipped Atari (U1MB, IDE Plus / SIDE3, VBXE, IOBoard). No problems at all. Highly recommended!
  7. dely


    New version. Added ability to force copying more sectors than the drive can handle. This is useful for drives which don't care about returning actual geometry (e.g. XF551 clones with firmware adapted for 720 KB floppies). Changes proposed and tested by @Peri Noid. milf.atr milf.xex
  8. Yes. And no Completed and released was Great Green Adventure 2: Prologue (as stated for example at demozoo) with one level only. Great Green Adventure 2 will be released this year. I hope so
  9. Great Green Adventure 2 by @dely (code + gfx) and @Zlew
  10. dely


    Of course. I can provide list of messages displayed by the application.
  11. dely


    The idea for MILF - Medium i'd Like to Format - was born from the need to copy few sectors from one disk to another. Sending a specific configuration to a disk drive was also useful for me. The program can send the most popular configurations to the device, copy selected sectors, create the operation log and later save it to disk. If you have patience, you can even use it to copy entire floppy disks, if you have at least two drives (this will not change, because the memory instead of the buffer is used to write the log of operations). You can also set automatic behavior when encountering errors, etc. milf.atr milf.xex
  12. Version 0.8 final Some minor fixes according to above mentioned release candidate, mainly for 80-column mode. sio2sdman08.atr sio2sdman08.xex
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