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  1. Does this mean PAL users with VBXE can switch to NTSC and finally see proper colours in artefacted games like Ultima?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I guess people are using these without issue and there is no risk of blowing the old workhorse up?
  3. There is a very basic vi type editor called vi65!
  4. I was looking at the old 800XL earlier and it stuck me that despite all the modern upgrades it still had the huge clunker of a brick power supply! (actually this was pointed out by the sniggering Other Half) Is there a modern replacement maybe with an on/off switch on it?
  5. I keep thinking vim should have an ATASCI mode which supports the Atari line ending (like the DOS one) but never quite get around to playing with adding one
  6. A bit late but https://archive.org/details/atari-8bit-jellystone-bbs-archive
  7. I don't think Microsoft ever released Multiplan (an early spreadsheet) on the Atari 8-bit although they released it on many other systems even things like the TI-99/4A. But I'm wonder if they did build an internal port since the forward to Solid Code seems to hint at it https://t.co/jmQXdOlmLL?amp=1 and it would have been easy for them. Has anyone heard of an Atari Multiplan? I wonder why it wasn't released? Maybe there was some aversion to Atari at Microsoft over the BASIC port?
  8. Thanks I'll check that out. The one I was thinking of was actually Hobgoblins which is different http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-hobgoblin_21453.html
  9. I thought I recently saw one on Twitter but a quick search only finds a few work in progress ones? What's the most complete?
  10. Some of the disk based versions of LP do work with the Bit3 emulation in the Atari800 emulator. You have to hold a key down on boot to select 80 cols (maybe Esc I forget). I think the other LJK products are supposed to work in 80 cols but I never got them working.
  11. The Atari engineer who worked on the 1600 (cross between 8bits and PC) has posted some new pictures on Twitter. The keyboard seems to say "Toshiba" and look similar to the T200 one.
  12. Thanks it was of course the Alpha-Load menu! Now I downloaded several ATRs of the menu maker and I can't get any of them to work. Have I forgotten something or are many of the images broken>
  13. Back in the day I used a multiboot with a rippling Fuji logo at the top and I can't find it on any atr sites. Can anyone remember whether this was the Rob C one or was that just the plain multiboot? Is it available anywhere? Did anyone ever meet RobC? I think someone told me he worked as a chef but don't know if this is true or not?
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