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  1. I second what travistouchdown is saying. If the games are still in production or the company who has the rights to them are still in business then fair enough. But if they are not then surely it would come under the title abandonware, just like the Atari Lynx Back catalogue that you can get from pretty much any rom site.
  2. I liked the article about the BennVenn LCD Mod. I must say I also appreciate the fact that you took power measurements of the BennVenn Screen too. I may well order one for another Lynx with a failing screen. One thing I did find and would recommend is to use an old IDE cable for the screen wiring. It makes it all very neat and easy to wire. (Well it does for the McWill screen anyway). I also like the fact the BennVenn mod uses less current than the Stock Screen which I thought the McWill screen would but.... I took measurements of the stock vs McWill screen back in 2015 and was surprised at the results. Also from the power consumption results and studying the Lynx Schematic I was the first person to figure out that the original power circuit was actually excellent at it's job and a true high efficiency switching reg. After a bit of convincing, people now don't butcher their Lynx's with a botch fix, but now repair them properly.
  3. I've downloaded this and must say I really enjoyed it. A good fun blast!!
  4. Please replace the FET too. It is not just an on off switch, it is high frequency switched which is what regulates the power. It is this that predominatly fails after years of being high frequency switched. Replace the Zener too as a precaution.
  5. This advise is out of date. It was originally a botch fix that originated in Germany that then gained traction on the Internet mainly because people did not understand how the original power circuit of the Lynx, is actually a true high efficiency power regulator. It is much better at it's job than if you replace it with an aftermarket power regulator. You should replace the Mosfet and as a precaution, the Zener Diode.
  6. Curious to know what the copyright status of these games is if they are no longer available? "Cough" Roms files "Cough"!
  7. That's totally Incorrect about at Lynx needing 9v input! The Lynx will quite happily run on much less than 9v! How do you think it runs on a set of rechargeable batteries at 7.2v!? If you are running the stock Lynx Power Circuit, if you remove and the inline silicone diode (D11) on the circuit board (which drops 0.7v) from the input of the external jack and bridge it with solder it should be able to run at 5v. I've had a Lynx running at less. Just be aware that by removing the inline silicone diode you are removing part of the reverse polarity protection and if you get the input to the Lynx the wrong way round it will now short out the input, due to the D9 diode (and will probably blow it too with enough current) so if you do go down this route, check your wiring very carefully! https://atariage.com/forums/topic/247305-old-stock-lynx-vs-new-mcwill-screen-recom-power-reg-power-consumption/
  8. Email sent for AVP, Relief Pitcher and Hot Dog. Also interested in Quadramania. Thanks guys.
  9. And me!!! Grrrggghhhh. Gotta laugh... I do love a good joke. I hope that's not what this is turning into though!
  10. I would also say that in the interests of being fair to everyone that I would like to see Beta Phase Games limit one copy of each game to each person. It gives all of us true enthusiasts a chance of getting our hands on them and to play them and not fall into the hands of people who just want to make a quick buck which personally I think is just wrong! I've fortunate that I've built up a nice large collection with some rarities in there, not for the monetry side of things but I've loved the Lynx since I was a Kid and I want to play the games!
  11. It's not really the Zener that fails, it's the FET, after years of being high frequency switched it can break down and thus it can allow 9v to flow into the Lynx, the Zener is swapped out out the same time your replace the FET as a precaution.
  12. I had APB when it first came out for the Lynx, absoulely loved it at the time, I still do love it but I think there is still an element of rose tinted specs there!. I can't remeber how many paper rounds it cost me though! Eeek! Never played it in the arcade though, our arcades on the Isle of Man were only small so there were a few that never made it over here. Now we don't have any proper arcades which is a dam shame but then all the kids these day have got PS4's!
  13. I would also like one but I would say there is another thread where people have already expressed interest. I fear we are going to get multiple threads on the go which are not going to be relevant in the end. There appears to be considerable interest, I hope that there are sufficient carts available to satisfy the demand!
  14. Thanks Karri! Happy easter to you too!
  15. Yes that would be great if there was a rom we could download for this.
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