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  1. Nice, great you found another game with support. I had a try of the woz with MAME but it did not seem to want to boot. I then went hunting to see if there was any other images and found a file based one on Asimov. If you use the latest version of MAME v0231, then it plays speech in the game via the SC01 on the mockingboard emulation ok. You need the latest version as there has been some updates that allow the MB detection in this game to pass ok. /Rob
  2. I did some more searching and found this, looks like this has some examples for using the IIgs speech toolkit. (And the speech toolkit I hope ) http://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/gs/programming/Talking_Tools.zip
  3. IKarith, can you share some details for the IIgs speech software? I'd be interested in have a try of that and comparing to the SAM generated speech. I did some searching but did not find anything for this. Thanks rob
  4. I never new that this was never officially released. I've played that game heaps with my siblings on the apple II. The multiplayer aspect was the best part of it, one on the keyboard and one of the joystick. Great Game!
  5. robj


    Just noticed this on eBay, it's a ram card that he is holding on the front cover of the Synetix SuperSprite manual :-) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Synetix-512K-RAM-board-for-the-Apple-II-/201523668356?hash=item2eebbf2584:g:Sk4AAOSwFNZWwPJZ
  6. robj


    Yep, that is funny/odd. Maybe they did not have the board completely finished at the time of getting the manual done. Although you would have thought it better to promote your own card on the front!
  7. robj


    That's great it worked! Thanks for sharing the photo. Here is a link to the manual for the SuperSprite card (Thanks Paul), might be useful for you also. ( I have pushed a copy into the Asimov incoming folder) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/391444/Vintage/apple/ii-peripherals/synetix/supersprite/synetix-supersprite-owners-manual-cs.pdf /Rob
  8. robj


    Did you try the starsprite disks? http://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/hardware/video/StarSprite-SuperSprite-Programs.zip /Rob
  9. Hi, I have a cursor /// and get the same up/down behaviour as you describe with Atomic defence. Seems like it must be the way the game was written? Not sure if there is a way to swap them in the game. /Rob
  10. Thanks for pictures and info Paul. That would be great if you can open it up and check the wiring. Would be interesting to see how that toggle switch is wired. /Rob
  11. I just remembered that the manual for the SuperSprite was also posted in the facebook group, this looks like it details the hardware ports for the card. Perhaps a specific Supersprite card emulation could be added to Mess? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/391444/Vintage/apple/ii-peripherals/synetix/supersprite/synetix-supersprite-owners-manual-cs.pdf /Rob
  12. The disk images for the SuperSprite board have been posted here: (from apple2 facebook group) https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnpd7w10dspijbr/StarSprite-SuperSprite-Programs.zip?dl=0 I tried the demo, and it works with the ezcgi card io mapping. One thing is that this card seem like it would have overlayed the video from the sprite card over the normal apple2 video. Arbee, is this possible with to do with mess? /Rob
  13. The text is white on an rgb monitor on the ///. The /// has 4 pull-up resistors to get all ones in the XRGB out for the White color for text, and 4 pull down resistors to get black. Pitty they did not add some dip switches to select the text color.
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