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  1. I would also like to give a belated "God bless you" to you and your family Oscar.
  2. Looking forward to Playing it! Thanks 🎄
  3. Merry Christmas thanks Rev!🎄🎄🎄
  4. Suggestion: Why not change backrounds at different levels?
  5. I can... 35+ years of INTY beta testing. Also: I keep things confidential for a living Rob
  6. Demo .ROM, ...or it didn't happen. 😁
  7. No it's TERMINATOR.... or should I say Terminator: Deadly Shotguns or Terminator: Term-A-Thon, or Terminator: Fatboy Cruiser, of Adventures of T-800. 🤖🏍🔫
  8. Awesome, thank you H454! Your help is appreciated. I tried to play Intellivision with my 2 Y/O son for the first time.. only to be so disappointed.. it worked fine 3-4 months ago. I will give an update when I get a chance to try your suggestion.. "Real Life" has been rather crazy and awesome at the same time. (A new Baby Girl and a Two Year Old Son combined with a 4+ hour daily commute as a freelancer in NYC = No Time +Little $$). ;O
  9. What do you guys recommend for an Intellivision 1 RF/Video cable replacement? Is there anything besides the original? My Unit shows the game on the screen for 1 second then 10 seconds of static, then 1 second of game etc, etc.
  10. Is Super Chef BT still available for free anywhere?
  11. stealth999x


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