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  1. Wow - thanks guys - looks like it can be done - if I can decipher how! Got to be worth though - AirStrike II was the first proper game I bought for my 600XL back in the day only to be totally hacked-off with the dumb control system.
  2. Does anyone know if its possible to emulate the Joy2BPlus joystick mod under Altirra? So in other words using a standard USB 2+ button joystick / joypad (I use my old Microsoft 4 button SideWinder joypad with Altirra) and somehow map / emulate the Joy2BPlus jostick mod so it runs the hacked 2 button games available from here; https://github.com/ascrnet/Joy2Bplus
  3. Hi - is there now an English version of the mag available as you indicated above - or was that an Apri1 1st jape ?
  4. Hi - could you please let me know what utility I would need to use to unpack .DCM files ? Thanks
  5. Thanks phaeron. Bit too scared to do the admin thing. I'm following Jon's advice above.
  6. If you follow Jon's advice above it should work ok. It helps to think of the VHD file as an actual CF Card that needs physcially moving from between the PC & SIDE2 cart.
  7. Great thanks Jon. Good tip (as ever) on the Windows-side right-click to Mount / Eject VHDs. Actually makes more sense now I've thought more about it as you are effectively using the VHD file as though it was a real CF CArd that needs Mounting / Ejecting to & from the PC & A8 SIDE2 Cart.
  8. Now as I'm typing this it seems obvious but anyway here goes. So I've eventually (mostly) sussed setting up Hard Drives under Altirra running the U1MB & SIDE2 combo. So max partition sizes of 65,536 512 byte sectors for A8 DOS, using .VHD files as CF disks under SIDE2 in Altirra, using ADR tools FDISK etc all good. Also want to have HDs for swapping files between Atari & Windows environments so sussed how to include FAT16 partitions in the APT & include FATFS.SYS in the SDX CONFIG.SYS so I can have a partition that is visible by SDX & Windows. Anyway all up & running but I can't get Windows & Altirra to recognise the VHD at the same time. I've setup a VHD File under Altirra then used FDISK to create FAT & APT partitions & used Windows Disk Management to mount & format the FAT16 partition in the VHD file as F: (already set up under FDISK as D5:). But after I've done the Windows Disk Management piece to mount the VHD as F: I then re-boot the Altirra instance & it forgets the VHD File association in Altirra 3.2 under System > Configure System > Devices > SIDE2, the VHD file has disappeared & when I try to re-associate it I get the message 'The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process'. If I then reboot & got straight into Altirra I can then go through the Configure System & re-associate the VHD file. Windows though doesnt retain the F: association with the VHD file. Re-booting Altirra & hitting L at the U1MB splash screen - sure enough the SIDE LOADER does recognise D5: & the range of test files I copied to it under Windows (ATRs, XEXs etc). So my guess is you can't have both the Windows F: VHD mount running at the same time as Altirra having the SIDE2 VHD associsation running. Is that true ? If so its a pain as it appears I would need to re-create the Windows F: mount under Disks Management each time I wanted to use it (Windows can't seem to remember it from session to session) & then do the same for re-creating the VHD SIDE2 association in Altirra. It seems there an exclusive use flag or something assocaited with the VHD file that says 'hands off its being used by somethign else' (whatever the last app was). Has anyone got these working concurrently ? Also along the same lines it seems to me a much easier thing to achieve the same goal is to use the Altirra fucntionality under the Disk Drives Alt-D function 'Mount folder as virtual SpartaDOS folder'. Seems to do the same sort of thing without any of the hassle - although not accessible by SIDE LOADER ?
  9. Bump - so is this a taboo question ? Seriously - I've had marvellous patient support for all of my other 'noob' type questions & am hugely grateful for that & but is a question asking about a convenient d/l source for the full set of latest a8-preserved software a no-no ? Taking the time to read through this thread it seems that the archive.org source has now been deleted. There's talk of torrents being created with regular - 6 monthly-ish - updates posted which seems to make sense to me but no apparent info on if such a source exists. Is my question irrelevant - no d/l location currently exists (hard to believe) or is it actually a 'PM me for more info' type thing?
  10. Would I be right in thinking the 'Atari 8 bit preserved software 2020-01-25' directory under ftp.pigwa.net is the right location for the latest overall set of preserved images ?
  11. Yeah great thanks guys - I'll try what you've said although I suspect it was a dumb question on my part insisting on the SDX element. Perhaps the question I should have asked is if i have say a .COM file (Homesoft website games on disks for example) how can I set that up to auto boot / run as an ATR image - but only doing what is needed in an A8 environment?
  12. Once again huge thanks for this advice. I think I may have known about this mount Windows folder function in Altirra a few years ago but completely forgot about it. Just what I was looking for 😊.
  13. To explain first a bit in addition to playing games & running demos straight from the ATR or XEX images I want to do some 'useful' stuff from within an SDX environment running under Altirra. So kind of similar to how I use AmiKit under WinUAE to create boot disks to run new demos I download from Pouet. If I have say an .XEX demo from Pouet or maybe a .COM game from the Homesoft website is there a common method for creating a bootable .ATR file say copying the file over & then editing an AUTOEXEC.BAT and/or CONFIG.SYS on a standard bootable ATR image ? I know there are simple ways of running XEXs etc as the boot file under Altirra but I want to get more a real feeling for using the actual A8 environment & say build a virtual disk library on my host PC in the same way I've done under WinUAE. Hope my question makes sense & once again thanks to anyone who can offer any advice.
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