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  1. I had to reply to this old thread because it just popped up on the list. Regarding the Model II bashing I've read on some of these posts. The Model II line was far, far from a failure. The Model II family ran for 10 years. Of course it did not sell as many units as the smaller TRS-80s or Apples or Commodores. This was a workstation class machine meant for medium sized businesses and serious technical environments. In one year, the Model 16B was the most popular Unix based workstation by sales across the industry! The 8" floppy drives offered multiple times the storage capacity of comparable 5.25 drives for most of the lifetime of the series. This was a critical feature for data intensive workloads for which the machine was intended. Of course, by 1988 it was hopelessly outdated. This was a time of rapid progress in the microcomputer industry. The Model II line was a success by any measure.
  2. There was even a DeskMate for Tandy 6000 XENIX! https://github.com/pski/model2archive/tree/master/Software/Xenix/260-6405 - DeskMate - Model 6000
  3. For an easy floppy emulator upgrade I suggest going with the HxC. It is a direct plug-in replacement for the Tandon drives. You will only need a 34pin ribbon cable to connect the HxC to your Model III's floppy controller. The HxC will support 2 drives so you will will only need the one device. It is more costly than the Gotek, but it is easier to use out of the box with no firmware flashing required.
  4. TRS-80 Trash Talk Live #16 is this Saturday June 26 at 9pm Eastern This is our monthly virtual gathering of TRS-80 and Tandy enthusiasts from all over the world. PM me for the Zoom details or watch on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkGugvdCkpkMDylVQb9gfg
  5. Those DIN connectors are a real pita to solder. I usually just buy a preassembled cable and snip it in half for two uses.
  6. I'm curious. Can you describe your setup? I didn't think there were native TRS-80 telnet options other than using the M3SE.
  7. Come and join us for TRS-80 Trash Talk Live #15 on Saturday May 29th at 5pm Eastern. PM me for the Zoom details or you can watch on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkGugvdCkpkMDylVQb9gfg. If you've never joined us on Zoom, you should consider doing so. It's so much more fun interacting with your fellow enthusiasts who all have a passion for these wonderful Tandy Radio Shack computers!
  8. There is not a truly comprehensive archive for the Model I/III/4. But, I'm sure one would be most welcome by the community. However, this is not a trivial undertaking. The numbers of artifacts for the I/III/4 is many orders of magnitude greater than the Model II. Properly curating the model2archive is a significant task so I imagine doing the same for the I/III/4 is Herculean. If it could somehow be done well in a crowdsourced way by many members of the community, then it may have chance. That being said...go for it!
  9. Our next live show is this Saturday Jan 30th at 5pm EST. Join us to talk about TRS-80 programming, collecting, gaming...whatever you enjoy doing with your favorite microcomputer. You don't have to be a TRS-80 owner to join. PM for Zoom info or view on YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkGugvdCkpkMDylVQb9gfg
  10. Your father has good taste! I’m interested.
  11. Happy New Year! One more day until the next live show! Please join us on Zoom as its much more fun interacting with others in the Tandy community. Just PM me for the details.
  12. Hey everyone, come join us on Saturday January 2 at 9pm EST as we review the happenings in the TRS-80 community over the past year. PM me for Zoom details or just watch on our YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkGugvdCkpkMDylVQb9gfg
  13. Ping Arno at https://github.com/apuder/TRS-80 and let him know. He may not realize there's an issue.
  14. The Model 12 was a completely different architecture and class of machine compared to the Model 4. Yes, they had similar looking specifications in base configuration. However, the Model 12 was the replacement for the Model II so it would run all Model II programs, including a rich library of CP/M operating systems and software. In the Model 12 you had access to much greater storage space both in floppy drives and hard drives. As you mentioned it also provided an upgrade path to Model 16 specifications which allowed you run XENIX or CP/M-68K with 100s of K of RAM. The question for a buyer in 1983 would be: can I or do I want to live in the Model I/III/4 ecosystem or do I need the additional richness and business focus found in the Model II/16 ecosystem. Looking at the software available for each platform and the needs of the business would dictate the system to buy.
  15. In this episode the Trash Talkers discuss the greatest TRS-80 rescue mission of all time as they head to Fort Worth to recover a significant TRS-80 collection. Then, we give you all sorts of ideas on what you can do with your TRS-80 while sequestered away in your home during the current global pandemic. https://www.trs80trashtalk.com
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