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  1. Are these for sale along with the physical game at some point? MrBlackCat
  2. Awesome box art also... I am so buying this. MrBlackCat
  3. I am glad I don't have Steam, so I don't have to pay to stream games I already pay for on another service. How much per hour is it to play the build in 350 games? (JUST KIDDING!) From under my rock, I can't imaging enough people using the streaming service on this machine to even matter... most people that even get what that is are going to just do it a different way... what I am saying is that I see the streaming feature as rather obscure, as opposed to a selling point. This is unless I am way off in my perception of the target market. I just want an arcade cabinet starting point with "good" controls... beyond that, everything is "just features" like the pile of them I don't use on my cell phone either. I will be getting one of these cabinets unless something drastic surfaces... and I think this will be the norm. MrBlackCat
  4. We (myself and CatNapDreams from here) are having Tacos tonight... I am certainly compelled to post an image of this to de-celebrate the Atari IBS or whatever the new "thing" was supposed to be called. *(no offense to those with actual IBS, only used for attempted comedic purposes) MrBlackCat
  5. Been playing the Atari a bit as I haven't in weeks... PacMan, E.T. Galaxian, Frogger... I don't play long honestly, but the idea of playing Galaga on this hardware is fascinating. I have always enjoyed arcade games ported to a system this "low end" as it is interesting what sacrifices are chosen to allow it. I will certainly be buying the physical form of this game when available. While I don't program for the Atari and have no idea how they actually work, I do work as a software engineer for some (non-gaming) systems... but still, having read all of this thread, and considering some of the methods described to get this running, I can compare what was done with original Atari programs and have a good idea of the inventiveness it took to get something like this running so well. Thank you guys again for doing this. Amazing job. MrBlackCat
  6. This thing just keeps getting better and better... I will SO be getting one of these as soon as they are available to purchase. MrBlackCat
  7. Cool! A new Atari flashback in a different case for ten times the price! Just what I wanted... I think sandbox mode is when my dog buries it in the sandbox after I toss it outside just because I have enough Flashbacks. I am really glad I didn't back this thing. They must have figured an easy way out... it would be a dangerous game not to produce now after all that info. At least they finally got an update. I wish best of luck to all those who backed this thing. I hope some people get something that they can enjoy. MrBlackCat
  8. LOL! I would buy it. "But will it play Pong? Because that is the only game I have ever heard of... did I mention my obsession with Pong?" (sorry, that Fox business interview was just sad on multiple levels) Ok... I see your E.T. and raise you this... A game called T.P! No, I am not trolling of a game about Toilet Paper, though it might seem appropriate for the current state of Atari. I'm talking about Taco Pong! A game where the objective is to fill your Taco with the right ingredients in the right order... rather than paddles, you will have taco shells.. Rather than a ball, you will have randomly generated ingredients for your taco. Pressing fire turns your taco to the open side for a limited time which allows you to catch the current ingredient, otherwise it bounces off the back of the taco giving your opponent the chance to catch that ingredient. MrBlackCat (Ok, I have to admit I didn't think of this just now... I originally wrote this game on a Commodore Vic-20 in the mid 80's, but it still fits here. )
  9. If all they have is the 3D printed box... that would be the prototype. Maybe the 3D printed box we keep seeing is the extra-large keychain (with LED) that comes with the package... and we are to receive a USB stick with a borrowed emulator on it, which contains links to emulation software by people that actually have companies or at least a working product as well as links to the Atari merchandising websites. MrBlackCat
  10. I've never bought a Homebrew game for my systems before... so how long on average could/will it be before this makes it to a cartridge and or into a box? Just curious, as I will buy this as soon as there is a way for Champ Games to take my money... amazing. MrBlackCat
  11. Will both the smaller and larger versions be shown at this time, or only the "full size" version? MrBlackCat
  12. Yet another thread with direct access to my wallet... A REAL product... I am SO glad I didn't "pro-order" a AtacoBox... so sad is that situation for all those people... unless you like Taco Memes. This is really great to see... a project with heart in the right place. This will get my support day one. MrBlackCat
  13. It does appear a LITTLE bit vertically compact... I am 6'2 and my full size cabinets are are 5'10. Floor to control surface is 3'6. I know there isn't a real standard so to speak, but vertically, it looks rather compact. While this wouldn't effect my decision to buy this... Just go ahead and take my money. MrBlackCat
  14. Look like a render to me... probably never make it to market... probably just keep our three million dollars too. (KIDDING!) OH WAIT! This isn't the Ataco-Box! Take my money... and I will have some left at the suggested price point. The only deal breaker for me at this point would be if this goes to an IndieGoGo listing. I can't wait for details to get ironed out... the funds are set and waiting for this one. MrBlackCat
  15. Maybe because you don't get millions of dollars handed to you for building a FlashBack. They just cut out the middle man! (AtGames) Not having to provide a product greatly increases profit. They business plan flowchart is probably just about how to appear as though you are making something to the people you got the money from in the most efficient way, to keep as much of the donated capital as possible. All jokes aside, working around the legal system shows you this is actually practiced... (as well as following this thread shows) and in cases like this, it is technically legal. MrBlackCat
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