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  1. Up until this April or so, my parents had a JVC flat screen CRT, and it was SOOOOOOOOOO heavy!
  2. How many controllers can be synced to one Switch Console? And does it double if you connect two Switches at once?
  3. Come to think of it, I also had a b/w tv that was in our kitchen up till I was almost 8 or so that also had separate vhf and uhf dials and a volume knob with it. I distinctly remember watching an episode of Jeopardy! When I was around 4 or 5 eating Spaghetti-O's. Those were the days.
  4. I don't have the heart to tell this user this was taken last Christmas. But I do know what you mean. ;3
  5. Gee, I didn't have one here in 'Murica, then or now.
  6. That's a bit of info I actually needed too. But on later systems like the PC Engine, what's up with just the one port?
  7. Here's the Christmas Tree next to my Colortrak complete with yawning kitty cat.
  8. As a matter of fact I do. Since this is in our living room, it's where we set up the tree since I moved into my current bedroom. I'll find a picture and I'll put it up.
  9. I see. But there hasn't been another system that only has a single controller port with no other controllers attached to it?
  10. As far as I know, the PC Engine, Trubo Grafx 16 if you will, is the only system that has only one controller port. Does anyone here have any idea if there are any other proper game consoles, not computers, that have only one controller input?
  11. This RCA Colortrak has been in my family since 1986 (or 1983 depending on whether you ask my mom or dad). It has been serviced twice, to my knowledge, and it has been the favorite sleep spot for my cats for years. Although when I move out, I fear that this set may be retired and sent to an undeserving home...
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