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  1. So selling my account along with it isnt an option? I guess i just have to take the hit. Ugh, that sucks so much.
  2. Is that the thing thats just a repurposed jaguar? Did it end up being fake or something?
  3. Honestly though, Ill remove the post if I have to. Does anyone know what I can do with this thing if I dont want to own it anymore? Tried selling locally and nobody wants it. Is this just the downside of digital purchases?
  4. Source: http://support.xbox.com/en-CA/my-account/manage-gamertag-and-profile/switch-gamertag-to-different-microsoft-account
  5. Im not trying to scam anyone. I just want to sell this thing, but cant take the hit of just pretending I didnt buy any games digitally. Im trying to be as legit as possible with this, but I guess nobody believes me. Am I just suppose to pretend I didnt buy all this stuff I bought and sell the console on its own? Also, you are able to change the email hooked to the account. If you do a little research, youll find that the process of swapping account ownership via the email associated is still possible provided you own an xbox 360 (which I do). Of course I would sign over the account before anything else, again, im just trying to clear space. Ive used atariage before and ive never had a negative experience buying from users on my old account. But i didnt know id get ganged up on so fast when I try to sell something...
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