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  1. If its ok can I request Shadow Dancer And Shadow Worlds.🙂
  2. Almost got it maybe, so I'm using win32diskimager, I copy the zeros image to my sd card, then I that the sd card out and reinsert it, then I copy the game image to the sd card, but my Atari will not read it but my pc will now and everything is there. Did I miss something?
  3. Has anyone purchased the game compilation image, if so how did you write it to an sd card. I've been trying for hours and just get the same stupid error message, about it being a pc disk then saying access denied.
  4. I would love to buy one of these also when they are ready
  5. Maybe, but I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt untill I get burned. That doesn't happen all that much, most people do try to live up to expectations.
  6. Thank you posting the link. So a matter of weeks for the backers, sweet.
  7. We need an Atari Vcs sub forum in Modern gaming forum, I guess when it actually ships to us backers.👍
  8. Well 3-4 months, now I am wondering if the Jaguar SD cart. or the new Atari Vcs will get here first. Doesn't matter they are both going to be awesome.
  9. I have a Spectre GCR with Mac rom and os 6.08. Works good on my Ste, I don't really have a need for it. $110 will ship to anywhere in the continental United States at no charge. The picture of it working is in medium res, I'll get a picture of it in high res.
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't use any ste enhancements, I was hoping for the joypad but no.
  11. Thanks, for the seuck ste file, I found out it crashes on the background edit screen if your STE has 4 megs of ram. I had to use a program to reduce ram to 1 MB. It was on the 8bitchip site.
  12. Just wanted to see if anyone semi-local would want to trade My Mega Ste for a Ste, didn't really want to ship. I am near Las Vegas, Nevada about 100 miles south, I go there 3 times a month though. Also I will be in the Palm Springs area in about 6 weeks. The MSTE works good except the disk drive. Thanks
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