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  1. Well 3-4 months, now I am wondering if the Jaguar SD cart. or the new Atari Vcs will get here first. Doesn't matter they are both going to be awesome.
  2. I have a Spectre GCR with Mac rom and os 6.08. Works good on my Ste, I don't really have a need for it. $110 will ship to anywhere in the continental United States at no charge. The picture of it working is in medium res, I'll get a picture of it in high res.
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't use any ste enhancements, I was hoping for the joypad but no.
  4. Thanks, for the seuck ste file, I found out it crashes on the background edit screen if your STE has 4 megs of ram. I had to use a program to reduce ram to 1 MB. It was on the 8bitchip site.
  5. Just wanted to see if anyone semi-local would want to trade My Mega Ste for a Ste, didn't really want to ship. I am near Las Vegas, Nevada about 100 miles south, I go there 3 times a month though. Also I will be in the Palm Springs area in about 6 weeks. The MSTE works good except the disk drive. Thanks
  6. Might find one that needs repaired for $90, or maybe untested, I got one in February for $109 on eBay it was for parts or repair. It didn't come with any games though. Fixed the power supply and bought a reproduction rayman off esty for $25. Seems to work fine. Of course no guarantee of that result.
  7. Is there a Lynx emulator that would work on one of these.
  8. I have a Mac LCIII that I don't use and would like to see if anyone has any interest in trading an Atari ST for it. I am close to Las Vegas, NV Thanks
  9. Forgot to put my location, I an in the Western United States.
  10. I have some vintage Mac Computers that I just don't have time or desire to use. I would like to trade for an Atari ST, Jaguar or 8 bit stuff. I have a LC 3 and software that works good the key board is missing a key though. I also have a Macbook 190cs works good the hinges aren't very good but work. I also have a 1 mb Mac.
  11. My usb floppy is a Teac FD-05PUW. If you need I could send it to you I don't use it I have a gigafile and ultrasatan to transfer files to and from pc.
  12. Try formatting a disk on the atari and then try it in the pc. I just tried an original atari game disk on my pc and it would not read it, but I formatted a blank disk on the atari and the pc can read it.
  13. Your Welcome, also you need a short cable to go from ST joystick port to 64jpx because of location of ST ports it will not plug in directly.
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