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  1. This is awesome. I just decided to look up the status of these after not checking for months and see this great news! I have no idea where I am on AA' list, but it is very nice to see you plan to be able to fulfill demand to everyone who wants one next year - too many people that do these things are not able to do that. Thanks for all your work - for your previous products and super support on them - and have a great 2021!
  2. I just want to state again that of all the 'retro hombrew hardware' people I have purchased from in the past you have provided the best customer support for your product. Take your time and take care of yourself, this is just a hobby for all of us, we are anxiously awaiting it but nothing is more important than keeping ones health happiness at a high.
  3. Just ordered! Thanks Sean for all your hard work on these products!
  4. I just came across a unencrypted Theo the Dinosaur in my collection and was wondering if anyone had ever dumped it yet I'm pretty sure it was an unreleased title. Is there a current list somewhere of unreleased/undumped titles as I might have more?
  5. Please add me to the list. Model 2.
  6. To continue this long running thread, I just came across a Moon Cresta 'Potomac Mortgage Company' Table Top. Was it determined that these were illegal knockoffs, or were they licensed somehow? Does this affect what little value this table top might have?
  7. I have a Goldstar, FZ-1 and FZ-10 and they are all running strong. My FZ-10 is actually a developer model that has a sticker underneath it which reads "1995 E3 Demo Kiosk". It will play 3DO games.that are not encrypted. I've never had a problem with any of them. I've rarely come across a broken 3DO at all. As for good games... Return Fire is fun especially two player. Naughty Dog software got their big start with Way of the Warrior. Street Fighter was one of the best ports of the series made. Road Rash is fun, Need for Speed was the last version that felt more like the C64, Amiga 500 versions kind of 'simulator-ish'. Wing Command and Star Control II are good. Star Fighter was one of the last games for the system, it was programmed in assembly and really pushed the system to the limits graphically.
  8. Oops. Typo, VPM should have been BPM. Thanks for the pics.
  9. On the rotary controller there is a switch on the bottom which allows you to switch it between regular pad and rotary mode which perhaps could be used? Thanks for the pics! I like your note on the pic of my Power Drift arcade. So with it on free play at your local Wal Mart were you able to finish first on all track and be able to fly the plane from AfterBurner or race the Motorcycle from Hang-On on the bonus stages? You also took a nice shot of my A..P.B. arcade! I noticed someone got pretty far on it on one day (I believe the murderer's stage). Better than I do!
  10. I bought the modified controller from user nicolas_persijn on eBay, he does a really good job and offers them in many styles. You can talk him down on price a bit (best offer). I do like the 'rear model, non click' version the best. Vector Pilot had a lot of different overlays to choose from, I wanted the original green one that was initially made but he was sold out, I asked which was the next best and the red one is what I got. I am not too fond of it, but with the brightness turned up on the Vectrex in a dark room it doesn't bother me too much, I can definitely see it being annoying in the setting it was in. I was glad to see the many players using the overlays on a lot of the games, usually when Vectrex's are out for public display there are no overlays. I don't mind mine getting scratched up in use as long as people are enjoying them! Vectrex is still a great system! I noticed your initials on Vector Pilot JSS or VPM? I love how it saves the high scores!
  11. Don't have time to do my list but Agree, Vector Pilot is my favorite Vectrex game! Simply amazing!
  12. Thanks for the pics! I didn't see you sneak in the arena football cart! I would have loved to see that! I am glad everyone enjoyed Vector Pilot and my Vectrex as well. I think Vector Pilot is the best ported game ever made for the Vectrex! Can't wait to find some pics of me Walter Day getting his first Oculus Rift VR experience!
  13. The Jaguar there was mine, it had a rotary modified controller with it and about 8 games. I also brought the Lynx I and II along without about 30+ games for them. Would love to see the pics you took. Anyone know who brought the Amiga to the expo?
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