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  1. Ok, I have connected it this way and still have the "buzzing". I was wondering if I took the rgb and audio left and right from the din pin and ran these to 5 phono plugs would this work? As my TV has rgb phono breakout inputs
  2. Erm, I'm confused now as it seems there is no pin 21... Unless that is the actual metal outer surround of the scart plug? Hmm...
  3. I got rid of all enhancements on the TV and it still seems to be doing it. When wiring in the capacitor pin 13 from din went to 21 ground on scart rather than 18 seen on the schematic, so I wired it this way and kept 13 going to 21. Would this make a difference?
  4. Krupkaj, sorry for the delay in replying, i wanted to try all other options before taking the cable apart. But i took it apart put in the components as you said, and it worked! Im so pleased, thanks a lot! It still isnt quiiite perfect; when the curser hovers over a new menu item ie placing the arrow over "view" then moving over "options", the text items that are highlighted 'buzz'; they kind of go fuzzy just for second, then go back to being crystal clear. When playing games with lots of movement or during playback on cubase and trackers all is fine and there is no buzzing of lines. Would this possibly be down to the components ive used? or is there anyway to rectify this? thanks a lot for your solution!
  5. Hey space invader, i'm currently attempting hook up my atari ste to an LG 27", its ok but flickers infrequently. What cable is it that you had success with? Thanks
  6. Hey krupkaj, What diode is used here? Or doesn't it matter much? Also, on the capacitor does 10m mean 10uF (10 microfarad)? Cheers!
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll look into modding the cable krupkaj, I not I'll just have to rule it out as incompatibility and search for a suitable tv
  8. Hey locnar, thanks for the reply. I thought that scart carried a component (RGB) signal already? edit: just checked and the 13 pin din -> scart cable i bought was labelled as RGB
  9. Hey guys, I know that this poor horse has been beaten to death on the forums but i need some advice. I have an Atari 1040STe with 4mb memory upgrade. I have a spare LG 27" TV thats sits nicely next to my iMac. My plan is to use the TV for both low/medium and high res via din->scart and din->VGA for the Atari, as well as a secondary monitor for my iMac via HDMI. The problem is the quality of the picture of the Atari. When i view it via the Din->Scart cable in low or medium resolution the screen seems to jump every few seconds, apart from this the picture is good, however, this screen jumping makes playing games impossible When i view the atari in hi res via din->VGA, i get very slight constant flickering. When i plug the Atari into my cheap VGA monitor i don't get anywhere near as much flickering. Not sure if this may be a cause of the problem but, I should mention both the din->vga and din->scart cables have stereo audio breakouts as the rca audio out ports on the machine seem to be playing up (seems the output is way too hot and the volume doesn't match L + R, but i'm going to look into this once I've sorted the screen thing.) So to summarise; plug in via scart i get occasional screen jumping, and plug in via vga i get slight flickering. What do you guys reckon? Thanks so much!
  10. Attempting to hook up my 1040ste to my lcd LG tv via scart and VGA...not too much luck. Hi res via VGA is a little bit flickery and low res via scart is giving me a jumpy picture every few seconds.

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