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  1. I have a question to which I have not yet found an answer:


    On the XL boards (and I think also on the XE boards) a bridge "W1" is drawn in the circuit diagram.
    This connects on the Pokey pin 10 (P4) with pin 11 (P5).


    On my board this bridge is set with a 0 ohm resistor.


    I do not understand what function this bridge has and in what cases is it opened?

    Can someone help me there?




  2. PLease, can you explain why you used 2N4401 and 2N3906 and not the original transistor types (2N3904 and MPSA55)?

    I'm asking, because i am restoring an old 800XE board with some bad transistors and asking me, if i can/should replace them with the types from your new XE PCB.

    I would be very grateful for a brief explanation.

  3. 16 hours ago, santosp said:


    You must do a solder between the pins 1 and 8 of U12.

    Just to be absolutely sure and not to make a mistake:

    I only need to do a solder between 1 an 8 of U12?
    I really don't need a connection between pin 5 and 6 of U12?
    In the original circuit diagram from HIAS, this is expressly listed in note 1, if no battery is fitted. Otherwise the connection between the GAL (pin 18) and the memory chip (pin 22) would be missing.




  4. In the original schematic of the 512k extension from hias is a note, to set two connections if you don't use the battery and the DS1210 IC.

    If i don't use U12 (MXD1210) should i set two jumper on the empty socket of U12 (1-8 and 5-6) to set the two bridges like in the digram?




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