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  1. ... Still waiting here in Germany. I wish I could load the pdf version...
  2. Hi, I'm listed two times on the preorder list, but i only like one.
  3. Can you please post an actual preorder list?
  4. Great, then I take one assembled unit.
  5. One assembled - if delivery to germany is possible and the cost for postage are not too high.
  6. Great! Do you notice my preorder or do I need to write a new message later?
  7. I would like to buy one cased one. Is this still possible?
  8. One for me, please. How should i pay?
  9. What kind of LED should i use at J2-8/J2-5 ? Do i need a low current LED (> 2mA) or can i use a standard LED (Forward current 10 -20 mA) ?
  10. Great work! Have I understood that correctly, that i have to order directly from OSH Park? How expensive is it? Check you still whether the board also works with PAL-Systems? Olix
  11. Would the board work with PAL and NTSC Systems?
  12. ... now it's ok! The order is sent to you. Olix
  13. No sorry ... the same problem again, if i use germany as country.
  14. It is not possible to do the pre-order in the shop-system if i set germany in the billing details. If i set germany as country i get this message: There are no shipping methods available. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help. (i had no problems to order other parts eith the same adress) Olix
  15. This is really a great magazin. I live in germany and ordered all 2 issues. The PDF version is really a good idea to save postage costs, but i think, you can ask for the same price as for the printed version, or at least 3,99. I will continue to order the printed edition but if i could additionally download the pdf version, i would be happy
  16. ... ok, but will there be in the next future a new edition ? I would like to buy one of these device.
  17. Hi, if possible i like to buy one. I live in Germany. What should I have to do for payment?
  18. I have one from the ABBUC Shop (Ser. #4003). Is this an older edition and what is the difference to the newer edition?
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