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  1. A cover for the 1050 Diskdrive would be really great! I would buy at least two of them. Then i could chuck out the ugly shoebox i use as a cover.
  2. My dust cover arrived today. They are really great, I love them. Well done! You have done a great job! Olix
  3. I'm also interested in One, if the the price is ok.
  4. Hi, did i understand this right: If i use the plugin-version of the uav, but don't like to use the 5V and GND from the 4050, so i have to cut the little bridge in the middle of the pads: But where should i solder the 5V and GND wire : To the half of the pad outside or the half inside? Olix
  5. i don't understand? I am very enthusiastic about the UAV. The SVideo Image on the 7800 is absolutly perfect and the composite signal is almost perfect. You did really a great job. There is nothing you missed about the 7800 schematic. Tomorrow i will install the uav in my 800XL an in my 130XE. Thank you for making this great hardware. Olix
  6. ... if i don't want to use the internal original Viedo-Part anymore, is it possible to desolder the 4050 and solder the socket directly on the board?
  7. SORRY, but i have a mistake in my instruction. At point 3: For the audio-out, you have to connect the two pins of R32 and R33 on the RIGHT side !!!
  8. !!! Importan: This instruction is only for the 7800 PAL Rev. C Board !!! 1. Remove R32, R33 and R62 from the motherboard. For the RF box; you can remove it entirely or leave it, go with the way you prefer. If you leave it, then cut the 4 pins from the R-Box. This step is necessary to prevent interferences. Also remove the channel-switch - you don't need it anymore, and here you can take the 5V an GND. 2. As you can see in the schematic, you can pick up the different signals either on the pins of the 74LS32 (U13) and the Maria Chip. Or you can pick up the signals on resistors: L1 - R65 (right) Syn - R66 (right) L3 - R64 (right) L2 - R67 (right) L0 - R29 (down) C-Maria - R25 (left) Only the Color-TIA i take direct from pin 9 of the TIA-chip. 5V can you take from the right pin of the channel-switch GND from the left pin of the channel-switch 3. connect the 2 left pins of the desoldered resistors R32 and R33. Here you can pick up the audio-signal (Pokey AND tia) 4. solder the wires on the uav-board as described in this artcle Thats all :-)
  9. Good News: I have installed the basic kit in my 7800 PAL (Rev. C - with the little daughterboard). 7800 SVideo: Perfect image without interference (on CRC an LCD TV) 7800 Composite: Very good image without interference (on CRC an LCD TV) 2600 SVideo: Perfect image without interference (on CRC an LCD TV) 2600 Composite: Very good image without interference (on CRC an LCD TV) Of course 7800 AND 2600 Games are in color! The PAL Rev. C Version has not the same circuit diagram an Pin-Numbers like the NTSC Version and. So i used the schemtic by Sobola (http://www.dereatari.republika.pl/atarisch/7800.zip) and not the one by AtariAge. If there is interest, i can post some pictures and some instructions where to solder the wires. Olix
  10. Hi, I am a little confused. I am on the the list with the first 130 boards, but I have not received any mail. Should i just wait a little or did you miss me? Olix
  11. I am also interested, can you publish the solution if it works? Olix
  12. And where do i get the color signal?
  13. Hi, is it possible to update my order from 2 Plug and 1 Basic to: NEW order (if possible): 2 Plugin and 2 Basic olix
  14. I do not know whether it's important, but i need them all for PAL-Hardware. Olix
  15. OK, Great! So set me to the list: I need: 2 x Plugin and 1 x Basic Olix
  16. There are a lot of postings, so i don't understand: Can i buy the adapter know or can i only do a preorder?
  17. I'm also interested in buying two or three (it depends on the price), please let me know when it's available. olix
  18. Does anyone know why the ABBUC page can not be reached? Olix
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