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  1. AceHart


    Except that the name doesn't sound cool.
  2. AceHart


    I want to invest in DALE! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twentieth_Century_Motor_Car_Corporation
  3. Atari FlashBack 2 (modded to accept carts) AtGames's Sega Genesis NES Classic
  4. I now own an NES Classic. Paid MSRP at the store!

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    2. Flojomojo


      That's the way it should be! For me, the urge has lessened. I have sixty bucks though, so if I see one ...

    3. jd_1138


      I'll give you MSRP plus $5 for it.

    4. simbalion


      I don't think any NES classics ever showed up in my area and the stores seem to have no desire to get them. Also, no Switches either except some controllers.

  5. "Setsuna Physical".. sounds like a weird citrus. I know - that would be satsuma
  6. If a mime falls over a tree in the woods, does a bear gather rolling stones?

    1. GoldLeader


      People who live in glass houses shouldn't

    2. save2600


      only if Pete gathers moss

    3. HoshiChiri


      *claps with one hand*

  7. Let me know if you can't read this.

    1. BassGuitari
    2. save2600


      letter from Nintendo promising they'll properly stock stores w/ NES Mini's? Yeah... still don't see that.

    3. frankodragon
  8. Even so... Whilst the first stage looks rather like 1-1 of SMB, I think the later stages do not so much, except that in style it remains a scrolling platformer.
  9. Golden Legends was supposed to be in the AA store ca. November, I think. However, I've only seen it as a 'coming soon' item.
  10. Last week of Advent; so happy Christmas

    1. jd_1138


      Happy holidays!

  11. Ugh. A lot of talk about Brad of B. E. again, including both bickering and defense of same. As a fellow who's done business with him and see talk from others who have, I can just say that he's a little kooky; I mean no disrespect thereby. If you can deal with it, then support Best; and if you can't, then walk away.
  12. That's just it. I try to stay away from fights. Sometimes I get sucked in because somebody pisses me off - this doesn't stem from differing views, but from belittling of mine or others'.
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