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  1. Oh, I do hope it gets done some day...
  2. And! The Jaguar LGBT adapter...
  3. Hah! I beg to differ I also have a gotek holder i designed/remixed in the MSTE. It would be pretty if I could get the correct color filament, now it's just - white.
  4. I printed that one from thingiverse. It took a day, got warped in the process and now sits sadly on my desk collecting dust
  5. Oh, this is sweet! And love the shelves for consoles. Are those custom or bought?
  6. I wouldn't bet on it. Those are skunk-only, if I'm not wrong...
  7. Not that Atarimania is 100% accurate, but still... Alternate mode seems to be the most we're getting out of this...
  8. So ashamed I only saw this now... Sending email!
  9. But the trick is to read what it says back: here
  10. Yes. If you have a DeLorean DMC-12, you can get it yesterday.
  11. No, single or alternating two players, I think... If you need a great co-op go for Rebooteroids.
  12. Ok, so my fix was good for some time, but it fell apart after some use. It was time to dig out the connectors i bought a while a go and go nag my pops to fire up his trusty Weller... Now, he's a pro, he's been soldering daily for the last 55 years or so, and he was battle hardened in the dark ages, when you could only get parts over here by desoldering them. But he used just a good soldering iron to get the pins put, and the built in pump to clean the contacts. I was only useful to chip apart the old connector and sweat He made short work of this, we were done in about 2 hours. It plays as on day one.
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