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  1. Ugh, you didn't have to say that. You cost me some dollars right there...
  2. If you want the "ports" they can be found here. For the classics click here.
  3. All roms are skunkboard roms, except a couple by CJ that may be JagGameDrive locked, but those usually have -skunk.rom versions too.
  4. But they don't want the Atari logo on them...
  5. RGC say they would make another run if they could source black cartridge cases without the Atari logo... So if you know someone in China...
  6. Oh, I do hope it gets done some day...
  7. Hah! I beg to differ I also have a gotek holder i designed/remixed in the MSTE. It would be pretty if I could get the correct color filament, now it's just - white.
  8. I printed that one from thingiverse. It took a day, got warped in the process and now sits sadly on my desk collecting dust
  9. Oh, this is sweet! And love the shelves for consoles. Are those custom or bought?
  10. I wouldn't bet on it. Those are skunk-only, if I'm not wrong...
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