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  1. I'll 3 pcs for me, if you still have them!
  2. Yah, I'd think so, being born in UK, shipped off to OZ, mind wanders, but the options are limited...
  3. Not very common. I envy you. 😁
  4. That would be tragic. Although the brexit has ruined the deal for me, customs ripped 40 EURO off my behind for the last two games.... I hope England invades soon, and we surrender and admit they were right all along. That’s really what they’re after. The spice must flow.
  5. https://console5.com/techwiki/images/3/3c/Atari_Jaguar_Schematic_(Full).pdf There you go. It looks as a 100 pF decoupler? Hope you get it running!
  6. Hate it already! Soooo hard 😀 Looking forward to hating it some more when it gets here!
  7. I just had a similar issue with a friends Lynx 2. He asked me to recap it and the issue got worse. It was working, but no video was comming out. In an act of despair, I fluxed the damn thing and reflowed about a third of the board. Works without a glitch now. 😁
  8. Nevertheless, I still wanted the damn thing
  9. Oh, man... There are rules. If it has copyright logo and you don’t own it, don’t upload it...
  10. The owner of this site was contacted by the copyright owner some time ago, yes.
  11. Anything at 4 amps and centre negative should pull enough juice for those two. I got the psu from ebay (a verified one, true) and the splitter from aliexpress...
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