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  1. Nevertheless, I still wanted the damn thing
  2. Oh, man... There are rules. If it has copyright logo and you don’t own it, don’t upload it...
  3. The owner of this site was contacted by the copyright owner some time ago, yes.
  4. Anything at 4 amps and centre negative should pull enough juice for those two. I got the psu from ebay (a verified one, true) and the splitter from aliexpress...
  5. Good job, this seems to be working for me too! I have the exact same PCB, and am currently formatting a floppy with use of your wiring. Now, let's get that gotek working...
  6. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000956985963.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.4.3a2e3706DW3R7i I wonder...
  7. Nothing... It's just gone.
  8. Ugh, you didn't have to say that. You cost me some dollars right there...
  9. If you want the "ports" they can be found here. For the classics click here.
  10. All roms are skunkboard roms, except a couple by CJ that may be JagGameDrive locked, but those usually have -skunk.rom versions too.
  11. But they don't want the Atari logo on them...
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