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  1. Halleluja! Some of you may remember Yurkie trying to scam me... I had to go for an F18A in the end, still dying for a 'standard' RGB console though so this is great news!
  2. Incredibally sad that have to post this about an established member and one who's reputation is exceptional. Unfortunately my experience of ordering an RGB Colecovision from Yurkie has turned out to be a very costly nightmare. Contacted Yurkie based on this thread and his reputation, I'm in the UK so obviously this is my connection of choice and despite Yurkie being acorss the pond, I wanted a 60hz RGB Coleco with all the trimmings to give me the best experience. Reliability and trust with who you are dealing with is essential, and the cost is a side issue. . After several communications, Yurkie finally put a Coleco aside for me and I paid $365 inc shipping via paypal gift on 17th November. I would not usually do this, however based on said reputation I felt as though the transaction would safe. I specified that the parcel needed to be well packaged and that must be sent insured and tracked.. Expecting the Coleco to arrive in about 2 weeks which is the average time parcels from theUS take to get to me I waited until the 2nd week December. Yurkie advised that overlooked sending my Coleco due to being away and some personal issues and would be sent on the 14th December. Being an understandable person I was happy with this and again asked Yurkie to send me a tracking number once sent. Again heard Nothing for over a month. PM'd Yurkie again on the 21st January requesting an update and tracking info, nothing. PM'd on the 27th as a new thread in case had deleted in error, nothing. Yurkie has logged onto the forum in that time, read my PM's and had activity in this thread. But still not had the courtesy to contact me. Yurkie, I do not wish to make a scene out of this, particularly in public so would appreciate contact from you. All I ask for is information and my console which paid for 3 months ago, surely not too much to expect. Dave
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