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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the Falcon's scene like three weeks new and all I can say is awesome, dudes are still making hardware for 20 year old tech, superb, you guys really blow my mind, I WANT ONE Can you any of you guys tell me if it's worth trying to track down a CT63, like does it speed up any 3d polygon games? And is there any other new ported games that can use all that mega power, not talking about doom or Duke ports, I know about them. I always wanted a Falcon but there was never any for sale every time I checked now there's loads of them on ebay and now I read all this great addons, awesome. Can anyone point me to sites to download stuff and what not?, Thanks guys, I'm going to sign up and support every Atari forum I can find, want to do my bit to keep this great institutions alive, STE was my first 16bit computer and just couldn't stop playing, 2600 was my first console, that game phenoix was just the best. Ok Laters guys
  2. Just bought a Falcon 030 16Mhz 4MB, wanting to upgrade everthing, where can i get a CT-63 and PCI board ?
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