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  1. I just recently picked up an Amiga CD32, one of the last two consoles I'll be picking up before my collection is finally complete (the other being an FM Towns Marty) and I was wondering what games people here could recommend. I've already got Guardian, Banshee, Beneath a Steel Sky, Flink, and Zool. I was thinking of getting Castlevania but I don't know if that would run on a CD32. Anyone know anything about that?
  2. It's a top loader. I've got a controller and a memory card too.
  3. Ha well I've figured that out from watching Youtube videos at least. It just boggles my mind, I have a freakin' 3DO M2 and yet I can't find an American Pippin game!
  4. I have been searching for 6 years now and still have not found a single American Pippin release. Originally, I wanted Super Marathon, but now I'll take anything I can get my hands on! I have never run across a console that is as difficult to collect for as the Pippin, does anyone have any ideas? I can't seem to find any info about American PIppin releases.
  5. I need to know which, if any, of Battlesphere's modes can be "beaten". Over spring break I'm going to sit down and commit my life to learning this game but I need to know if this is a futile effort...
  6. For the past few months my roommates and I have been working on the beginnings of a Youtube channel that will feature numerous gaming shows hosted by one of the four of us. We've all gone in to get good capture equipment, cameras, and a microphone. The name of the channel will be Gaming Galore 64 and the center of the channel will be reviews. We will be doing one video per week. The schedule so far looks like this Week 1: New Nintendo 3DS review Week 2: Donkey Kong 64 review Week 3: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time review Week 4: Tarzan 64 review Week 5: Part 1 of Super Mario retrospective Week 6: Guest reviewer 1 Week 7: Guest reviewer 2 During this time I will also be launching a retro gaming show on the channel that I haven't decided the name of yet. The first series of this show will be focusing on the Atari Jaguar. I will do an in depth review of the console along with some of my roommates. My roommates have never played a Jaguar before in their lives so this will be a fresh perspective from them. I will also be gradually be working my way through every Jaguar game I own on this show. After the Jaguar review I plan to do in depth Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn reviews. Anyway, we've spent the last few days recording test footage and getting everything set up. The first video should go up next week and I would really like feedback/criticism. Only one of us has serious experience with Youtube. One thing I would like to ask you all is what Jaguar games I should review first? Here's a list of what I've got Zool 2 Bubsy Rayman (probably going to review this with roommates as part of a Rayman retrospective) Flashback Ruiner Pinball Tempest 2000 White Men Can't Jump NBA Jam Theme Park Raiden Iron Soldier Iwar Zero 5 Battlesphere Skyhammer Missile Command 3D Alien vs Predator (One of my roommates wants to review this game himself since it's the only Jaguar game he's heard of. This may also be part of a series because he is a huge AvP fan and really wants to tear apart the Gearbox AvP game in a review) Towers 2 Club Drive Checkered Flag On the Jag CD World Tour Racing Iron Soldier 2 Blue Lightning Vid Grid Robinson's Requiem Baldies Hover Strike Highlander Myst Battlemorph Primal Rage (A roommate also wants to review this since he's a huge fighting game fanatic) Dragon's Lair Space Ace Brain Dead 13
  7. Pretty much any shmup. Radiant Silvergun comes to mind. Castlevania games can be pretty frustrating too. Honestly though, I'm not at my peak gaming skill anymore so part of it could just be that I'm out of practice.
  8. Wario Land 2 or VB Wario Land would be my favorites. Honestly though, asking this question is tough because they're all great games, even Shake it!
  9. I got my Jaguar and Jaguar CD along with a bunch of games from a guy at my local video game store for 90 dollars. It was his Jag and he didn't really care about the money, he just wanted to see it go to a good home. It is now sitting in my dorm room right next to my SNES
  10. I would love to go but I gotta ask, do college age people ever show up for this? I don't want to be the only young guy there lol.
  11. After reading that thread I wonder if perhaps rgb modding my N64 would do any good? I'm also looking at getting one of these but I would like to know if it will work before I shell out the money. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Trinitron-PVM-20M2MDU-20-High-Resolution-Color-Medical-Monitor-/191493351472
  12. I gave that a shot and the image wouldn't even show up on the tv at all.
  13. I just picked up a Passport Plus III for my N64 so that I can play the PAL version of Rakuga Kids on my North American N64. Unfortunately, when I boot it up the picture is all messed up. Does anyone happen to know where I could find a tv that supports 50 hz and 60 hz signals?
  14. I just found out that I have a spare copy of this game and so if anyone wants it I'm willing to part with it for 35 bucks plus shipping. Alternatively I would be willing to trade for any of these games Megaman 7 SNES Megaman and Bass on Super Famicom Princess Crown for Saturn Nintendo Puzzle Collection for Gamecube Kirby's Dream Land 3 for SNES Secret of Mana for SNES Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast Also, this may seem like kind of a random shot in the dark but, if anyone has Star Wars the Phantom Menace on VCD I would be willing to trade for that as well.
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