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  1. Several of the screens in the game will have more than 5 colours. In fact, if you look closely, you will see that there are 6 colours on the first screen of the game (green, grey, black, brown, white and blue) All screens are manipulated in G2F, although of course not all possibilities are used. As I write, for the cartridge version (.cart), 64Kb definitely. 48Kb if I have the nerve. Don't worry. All the enemies are there.... Even Satan 😱 Thanks!
  2. Merci. Ce serait génial! There are no legal obstacles I think (the original license of the game allows it [CC BY 3.0 ES]), but I don't know how to do it and I don't have any contacts... If someone who knows how to do it is interested in releasing the game in a box, let me know... Thks! These snapshots come directly from Altirra. But it is true that I have activated a number of display settings...
  3. Thanks! MODE4 + 3rd color PM
  4. Ok, you quickly discovered that ADM stood for « Abbaye des Morts ». It is indeed a port of the 2010 game to A8. So here are two pictures of our A8 version, the title screen and the first screen of the game (Jean you have to run away!). Of course, these screens will probably vary a bit between now and the first release...
  5. A8 64KB / PAL / NTSC
  6. I think that if your label is not global, it proves that it is defined either: in a macro or in a procedure or in a 'local' scope For a procedure or for a local scope, you can use the notation (with the dot) "procname". "labelname" or "localname". "labelname" to use the label globally.
  7. This version that inserts a 'jmp label2' compiles with mads. alter_myproc use global exit.it.is alter_myproc2 use local label But at the end it is exactly the same... org $2000 myproc .proc label .def :exit.it.is = * ; --- sta $20 sta $21 sta $22 label2 rts .endp alter_myproc .proc mva #$4C exit.it.is ; $4c = JMP opcode mwa #myproc.label2 exit.it.is+1 rts .endp alter_myproc2 .proc mva #$4C myproc.label ; $4c = JMP opcode mwa #myproc.label2 myproc.label+1 rts .endp
  8. You can also use a variation of the old "BIT trick" I suppose. This allows you to easily restore the original code: you replace STA instruction opcode by BIT instruction opcode to alter and the reverse to restore. But beware: a BIT instruction used in this way as a NOP does have effects: the flags may be modified!! myproc .proc ; --- label sta $20 sta $21 sta $22 ; --- rts .endp alter_myproc .proc lda #$24 ; $24= BIT Zero Page, e.g BIT $44 sta myproc.label sta myproc.label+2 sta myproc.label+4 rts .endp restore_myproc .proc lda #$85 ; $85= STA Zero Page, e.g STA $44 sta myproc.label sta myproc.label+2 sta myproc.label+4 rts .endp
  9. A great achievement! The final version should be terrific! 👍
  10. Wow, unlike Shrinkler decompression, you're fast! 👍 All these results are consistent with those obtained by Emmanuel Marty: I don't know what the "EPC" compressor is. But in any case it seems to be more efficient than the others (Shrinkler excluded). I find that lzsa allows a good compromise between decompression speed and compression ratio: lzsa.exe -f2 -r : 1811 lzsa.exe -f1 -r : 1937
  11. Z80 too: http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/programming/shrinkler-z80-decrunch-routine
  12. According to https://github.com/emmanuel-marty/lzsa/blob/master/pareto_graph.png, Shrinkler (https://github.com/askeksa/Shrinkler) is rather good, I have tried and indeed: Shrinkler.exe -d -p -9 : 1440 bytes Sounds too good to be true!! (exe is available here http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=64851) also lzsa.exe -f2 : 1819 bytes
  13. For coders, I think the following article is worth reading about the C64 version: https://ready64.org/articoli/leggi/idart/109/abbaye-des-morts-64-post-mortem What amazed me the most was that they managed to make the whole game fit in 64Kb - what was not the original plan - including an extra level (The Hacker Room) and Jean's digitized scream. These guys are damn good I think!
  14. You're right, I got the files mixed up. Here is the low resolution version improved by TIX sprites. adm_ld.xex
  15. An interesting idea indeed! My first plan was to use a resolution of 160 with 5 colours, keeping in mind the author's intentions as much as possible: "Faith will be your only weapon in this platformer styled like a ZX Spectrum game. Black backgrounds, 1 color sprites and 1 bit sounds are a proper fit for a raw story. The lack of details turn on the player's imagination, creating a unique experience for each player." For screens, this means that you have to redo everything from scratch. A lot of work I had started to do: But during my experiments, I quickly asked myself questions about the design of the sprites. Of course, someone as talented as TIX can probably do something interesting with fewer pixels.... The obvious advantage of working with this resolution is that we can use PM for both Jean (the hero) and some of his enemies.
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