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  1. https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Articles#section-Articles-SourceCode
  2. You can find things online, like here http://higherorderfun.com/blog/2012/05/20/the-guide-to-implementing-2d-platformers/ The only problem is getting this to work with a 6502 😉.
  3. The coordinates of the fighters, which correspond to the bottom left point of their frame.
  4. The xex works on a real atari. But i t is not very DOS friendly (load at $400). The attached version may be the right one for you to try... teaser I-packed.XEX
  5. This makes it possible to create new levels. To try to extend the game, I have set up areas where detection is used. If characters (sprites) are out of these boxes, the selected playfield color have no influence on them. For example, for the floor colour: To be honest, I don't know if it's a good idea...😉
  6. Bruce Lee is based on sprite - to - playfield collision detection. The interview with Ron Fortier in Retro Gamer 145 gives some very interesting details, even if it seems that his memory sometimes fails 😉: See also :
  7. Damn! I had my own Pop conversion project: https://github.com/fa8ntomas/pop-a8 Well, my project is much less advanced: It seems I'm a little late at the party 😉. Anyway, well done 👍 However, my idea was to make a 128KB cartridge. Why 128Kb: because I think it's the maximum that can manage the Uno cart.... At the point where I was, it seemed feasible to me... but I hadn't really integrated the sprites yet...
  8. Yes, a real dream computer 😍 And it seems there are now 12 pre-series machines: What they say about opening up to other systems (Aug 21st 2019):
  9. At first glance, I don't see the point of the David’s project: you can't play nostalgia with a modern 8-bit.... If I had some money, I would rather invest in the project MEGA65...
  10. I made some subtle changes on the intro screen to adapt it a little bit to NTSC colors. I forgot, and I'm a little ashamed, to mention that this screen was made almost 10 years ago by @MrFish (Cf. this topic). Thank you ! I think that concludes my (very small) participation in the great work of @TIX. Bruce Lee RC 14.xex
  11. I changed the version label: I fixed the problem with the last screen: I just want to fix a few more things in the intro screen (colors + keys) and I think my work will be done.... Bruce Lee RC 12.xex
  12. I realized that I just had to update my SIDE2 cartridge to be able to test myself! What I did ... and in fact the crash was caused by the protection routines ... so I desactived them. @flashjazzcat Thank you very much! @Faicuai Thank you very much! I'll try to fix the NTSC color problem. @Others Thank you very much for testing. We need you! Bruce Lee RC 10.xex
  13. But after the program has been loaded and started, I suppose you can have all the memory (the memory area 0x0418-0x1FFF is overwritten after the game starts)? My hypothesis is that something changes the memory after the program starts, which activates the protection routines.... This something, however, would not survive a warm reset, which makes the RC7 works. Well, that sounds a little twisted... maybe I'm completely wrong 😉. I modified the xex to disable this protection routine. RC9 One Protection Disabled.xex
  14. Thank you for the investigation! I think that it is the warm reset that makes the difference..... But I hate to have to do this to make it work....
  15. I just remembered that BL had several protection routines that could crash the Atari if certain conditions were not met. For example there is a test that if activated turns the first level into this: (It reminds me of something 😉) Here is the code of this routine: L30A9: lda #$00 tay L30AC: eor L06F3,Y ; watch out, this is a code loc iny bne L30AC cmp #$62 bne L30B7 ;If computed values is not #$62 then branch and program will crash rts ;Intentionally crash computer - Should be removed at some point L30B7: ldx #$FF asl L30C4 ;Is changing address L30C4 below lsr L0101,X lsr L0117,X ldx HOLDCH L30C4: .byte $4D,$40 ;TXS - ASL L30C4 from above changes this at run time So if something changes the memory range 0x6F3..., the Atari crashes... Couldn't the FMS do that?
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