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  1. Built-in emulator and debugging tools!! Wow! You’re even crazier than me! For Bruce Lee, I wondered if assembler language was the only option for custom code... Why not use a simpler language like Basic (cross-compiled of course)... Just a slightly crazy idea....
  2. A quick update to show the progress... The editor is now more sophisticated and you can for each map : Edit the map data Edit the init and exec routines The editor generates also assembly code and we hope it will soon be possible to directly (and silently ) run Mad-Assembler (MADS) to produce an XEX. The attached XEX was generated in this way. This XEX also shows that the transition between maps is now handled: Bruce can go from map 0 to map 1 thanks to the ladder. bl.xex
  3. You're right! New symmetry: Test4.xex
  4. The new version of the data.asm. I erased the pixel to try ... Tell me what you think. data.asm Fury.xex
  5. Do not worry. It does not matter. What matters is Bruce Lee! Some of Dmc's maps are superb, I think. Fury.xex
  6. Hi, I play with the editor and with the code. The engine adapts very well to a new map even if you have to pay attention to colors . 2 fonts on screen, 5 dlis. bl3.xex
  7. About my previous post: the floor detection is also done by collision detection. In Altirra change: 1558: 85 B6 STA $B6 ; /* copy (P0PF|P1PF)&F to $B6 */ by 1558: EA NOP 1559: EA NOP then set $B6 to 1 and then Bruce Lee flies Moreover in the game if we look precisely, we see that Bruce Lee is a pixel in the ground So Floor=[((P0PF|P1PF)&1)==1] Conclusion: use COLPF0 for the floor.... And COLPF2 for the ladders and COLPF3 for the walls and COLPF1 for ....
  8. Thanks to Dmx! A few hints for map makers: 1/ Graphics Antic mode 5 Up to 3 DLI per map, changing COLBK COLPF2 COLPF1 COLPF0 COLPF3 stays black because of the Ninja. 2/ How actors interact with map A/ By colors Thanks to collision detection registers, Bruce Lee can not cross the walls. The black PF3 color stops the actors. I suppose this is the same for the floor? Have to verify. B/ By contents If actor hits certain tiles, things happen. For example, characters 0x82,0x83,0x84 and 0x85 allow actor to exit the map.
  9. Thanks José, I learned something!
  10. I use the Courier New font. If you look in the tables of colors, you'll see that COLPF3 is 0, that is black... MapColor0: ; COLBK COLPF3 COLPF2 COLPF1 COLPF0 .byte $04 ,$00 ,$06 ,$88 ,$0E .byte $04 ,$00 ,$0A ,$0E ,$34 .byte $06 ,$00 ,$0A ,$0E ,$34 .byte $04 ,$00 ,$0A ,$0E ,$34 MapColor1: ; COLBK COLPF3 COLPF2 COLPF1 COLPF0 .byte $84 ,$00 ,$70 ,$0E ,$60 MapColor2: ; COLBK COLPF3 COLPF2 COLPF1 COLPF0 .byte $34 ,$00 ,$32 ,$0E ,$40 MapColor3: ; COLBK COLPF3 COLPF2 COLPF1 COLPF0 .byte $74 ,$00 ,$0E ,$04 ,$88 .byte $08 ,$00 ,$0E ,$04 ,$88 .byte $08 ,$00 ,$2C ,$04 ,$88
  11. You're right, I missed that hidden code when I decoded data. L3E3E ldx #$05 L3E40 lda $CFFA,X cmp $FFFA,X bne L3E62 dex L3E49 bpl L3E40 ldx #$14 L3E4D lda MapDataLo,X sta $13 lda MapDataHi,X L3E55 sta $14 dec $14 ldy #$FF lda #$7F sta ($13),Y dex bne L3E4D L3E62 rts Like you, I thing that this is some king of protection that corrupts the maps in certain circumstances , eg a special cartridge connected? DecodeMap : The lines of the maps are 40 bytes long, but the display is in antic mode 'Wide playfield' (48 bytes per lines), so eight $86 (4 left, 4 right) are inserted for each line during the decoding. Why $86? I don't know... Lamp table: Look at L2AC2: L2AC2: dey dey dey lda #$00 sta (DSKFMS+1),Y ;And store 0, for a removed lamp rts
  12. Great job!! I merged the SourceForce version and mine . Produces the same Xex than the SourceForge file. Big big file included. Time to split src? And how can we share the work? Edit: wrong file. fixed. incbin.zip BruceLeeData.asm
  13. Hi. Not much time so just a little progress. $3d50 > $73ff source code (only data here, easier ) PS: I can change the labels resources.zip data.asm
  14. I think so. You and Dmx did a great job. I now have some knowledge that I can share. We need to start with a "good binary" as dmx call it, its source code. I wrote some code to extract data from the Xex that I can share.... Maybe other people will be interested in this work and will want to participate. Because the A8 now have two versions of Bruce Lee less than the C64, we can not fail! I now have some knowledge that I can share
  15. In fact is an automatic refactoring . So far, from tables in the xex, I extract src code for rooms (levels) PMs sounds fonts lanterns I do prefer read code like: room_0 ins 'room-0.rle' or sound_0 ;AUDFx,AUDCx dta $4C,$64 dta $4C,$86 or spr_117 dta 32 ;.....#.. dta 56 ;...###.. than L3C44: .byte $C5,$C6,$A0,$B0,$C5,$C1,$A0,$F5,$F6,$F7,$A0,$BE,$BF,$18,$A0,$F2 .byte $02,$A0,$B1,$B6,$A0,$20,$62,$CF,$D0,$D4,$C9 You're right. I will try to understand and fix this.
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