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  1. I’m stuck at the same point. I believe I need the continuous somersault upgrade as it shows this in the manual, but still haven’t found it so I will keep looking. As for the game bugs and freezing, I’ve not had any issues and my cartridge is the original and not v1.4 and my console is a K variant. The game is running just fine and at 88% had no glitches at all.
  2. hello everyone,its been a while since i was last on here but i have finally finished Alfie game 3 Tomb of the Priestess. its in Ti basic as the previous two. It continues from the last game Zontron27. The game involves Alfie having to rescue the priestess form the tomb in the Alpha Ork sector of Galaxy Central. It follows the same ideas as the previous two of collecting a key to open a door but this time you can not only select SKILL 1 to 3 you can also play each skill with active LASERS meaning there are 6 game variations. In skill 1 with no lasers its very easy to beat but with the lasers involved it does make it harder. Again i kept running out of memory so i had to trim a few things out of it and as a result i wasn't able to include the air tank (which i wanted to add for an extra third possibility to Alfies demise) and some extra nasties to run on screen and steal the key. You will need to do a NEW and CALL FILES(1) if running with disk attached. Just a word as well, in the last screen though it is a random choice there is a way to see the correct choice. The next Alfie game will be in extended basic as i want to do something different and basic is not fast enough. Anyway download it if you want and let me know if you prefer it to either Alfie 1 or 2. Personally I still prefer Alfie 2, especially the compiled version from TMOP. The disk image is in WIN99A format. Alfie3 TOMB OF THE PRIESTESS.TIDisk
  3. A big thank you for compiling this, it’s a big improvement especially on real hardware and better with the joystick. I’m still trying to beat it on level 1 but it’s now harder than ever but a lot more enjoyable. Can’t wait for you to compile the third game , whenever I finally finish writing it. I need more hours in the day, 24 is just not enough.
  4. hello everyone, the second game in space man Alfie series is now ready to download, Zontron27. A couple of things, the game is in Ti basic and to load you will need to CALL FILES(1) before loading ALFIE2, if using on disk. Unfortunately i kept running out of memory so the last level was a compromise which i am not to happy with, i wanted Alfie to move as in the game of snake but it kept giving me out of memory and i had already cut a fair bit out of the game by then so wasnt much more i could do other than change the level completely. Its also to random and may make it impossible to complete the game, though on level 1 or 2 it is a bit easier. personally there is alot im happy with in the game but some things i think could be alot better. I have started the third game which again will be in basic with a possibility of an extended basic version at some point. The game is in TiDisk format but works if renamed to .dsk. Anyway , give it a go and hope you enjoy it. ALFIE2 ZONTRON27.TIDisk
  5. Thank you all for the help, I will try call files(1). I have a finalgrom and will see if the other extended basics are on my sd card, I used the finalgrom file off the WHTECH site. I always just go straight for v1.10 extended basic and have never used any other type. Would be nice to not have to keep removing the nanopeb as it’s such a tight fit on the expansion port and don’t want to break the connector.
  6. Hello, I am using my new nanopeb on my 4A and have been copying all my tape games in basic to disk, however when I try and run some games like apex sorcerers castle and virgin funpak game starship super nova I get an out of memory in line.... . I know it’s to do with the arrays in the game and the memory usage for the disk system but is there a way to get these games working without having to remove the nanopeb as it’s so much easier to have all my tape games as disks. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hello, I was playing the original version of the spectrum game Tut Tut and thought that this would be a great game on the Aquarius and since it is written in basic, the original not the 2020 update, it should be possible to port over the game. The spectrum listing is up on paleotronic web site. Has anybody had a go at writing a version? I keep saying I will have a go on my Aquarius but at the moment I am writing a follow up to my ti99 game Alfie the spaceman game one ‘pyramid of mars ‘ ‘ which is available on the ti99 forum here. I have tried to write a version of Tut Tut on the ti99 but the basic is just to slow to move four mummies and you with a decent enough speed but the Aquarius is a lot faster running basic games. I really think it could be a great version though I doubt my programming abilities , especially on the Aquarius at the moment, are not up to the highest standards to make a version as good as the spectrums, though my follow up game on the ti99 I’m currently doing I have learnt some techniques to speed up gameplay. It’s something I might try and do when I get the time. I like playing games written in basic as it gives me a nostalgia trip to my teenage days on my ZX81. I will also be uploading my second ti99 game, Alfie the spaceman on Zontron27 hopefully in a week or two. I may do a version of both my games on the Aquarius when I get time as I think the Aquarius would be ideal at running them. Both the Aquarius and ti99 are my favourite computers of all time despite their lacking abilities.
  8. It is very dfficult due to the randomness of the lasers and have not finished the game properly myself and I have only managed to unlock 3 locks. I did however test it for bugs and to see if all worked ok by removing the lasers firing, which everything did seem to work even with the endings. I was going to leave this in as a cheat by pressing the space bar but decided to take it out since there was no gameplay element in the game. I didnt include the air supply because there are two endings and its the air that determines which ending you get, though i was going to make alfie turn blue as his air got low, but i did forget to put that in. Glad you like it and let me know if you finish it.
  9. hello, been a while since i been on here but during lockdown i wrote a TI basic game call Escape from the Pyramid of Mars. It features Alfie the spaceman who gets trapped in a pyramid and has to escape by collecting keys. Its based on a zx81 game from 1981 but with a surprise at the end if certain conditions are met. I have a few other ideas for games featuring Alfie the spaceman hence why i called this game 1. Please try it out if you want, its in TIDISK format but renaming it to DSK it should also work on classic 99. Alfie Game 1 PYRAMID OF MARS.TIDisk
  10. hello, i have just got a micro expander and have a few questions. Can you load .bin files as i notice it says roms have to be .rom, however i have some roms in .rom form but others like chess, shark are in .bin format. Also i can get most of the tapes loading from usb after following jaybird post on how to do this but i am unable to get N-vaders to work, is there a way to do this? Also how do i load tapes that are in more than two parts. ie Invaders which has the basic load, but the 2nd part is a tape loader utility which then load the 3rd part. And finally, what is the plug type needed to connect the hand controller to the port on the micro expander, i have seen the post on here for the wiring so was going to make one unless somebody sells them. fantastic piece of kit the micro expander is espicially being able to save my basic programs straight to usb drive. Thanks for any help.
  11. I still got that copy of HCW the review was in that's the reason I got the game back then. From what I remember it was a decent basic game. Pretty sure you could only raid graves if you matched the shovels in the first part. Oh and I'm sure there is a vampire where you needed holy water and garlic to defeat. Infact the second part played a bit like zombie mambo part one in the graveyard. I wish I could remember it all because I would try and program it in basic. By the way if anyone is interested I am doing the doctor who adventure which was in C&VG magazine for the Atari 800 in ti basic, I reckon another week or so and it should be done. I've added a few differences to the original as well. When it's finished I will put a disk image on here.
  12. Been a while since I was on here just don't have time these days to do what I want but I have a question. Does anyone remember this game? It was a memory match game in the first part where you picked from a grid two cards and if they matched you kept the item, then in the second part of the game you made your way across screen to rescue the princess where you could either use the items from part one to defeat ghouls, and other baddies or you could raid the graves for treasure. I used to have this game but no longer and have been eying to source it for years. It was in tibasic and released by softi around 1984/5. Cheers for any help.
  13. I think the reason for the missing numbers is due o the fact that some games were listed in old magazines but never were released, there was intrigue pentathlon in basic which I remember ordering but received the cheque back with a letter stating that it was no longer for sale. I later read that the game was not released due to problems. Also I remember seeing a quote in some magazine there was due to be a follow up game for Lionel and the ladders called Lionel in the castle which was never released. Panic is game g21, which I gave to Ciro , sorry for the bad scans, I will try to get them done for you correctly when I find time. I don't believe that panic came in a wallet box but just a normal tape box with a green on yellow printed insert. Shame really since the cover would have looked great in full colour. Panic is probably the rarest of all intrigue games so may be difficult to find. Nice collection Ciro, I to now have all the intrigue games on ti99, after looking for snout of spout I managed to get a copy from an old computer shop and a taped copy (I emailed the seller) off eBay where I had lost an auction for where the game went for over £100!
  14. My first game I wrote was a version of hunchback in basic. It had five screens and was very easy to beat. I remember saving it on a tape which I threw away along with some purchased games back in 88 when my ti blew up and smoked. It was pre internet days and I never did see a ti99 for sale in any ad mag at the time so I thought no point keeping the games, and since no one else had a working ti99 I couldn't give them away .I did save a few of the intrigue and lantern games because I liked the game covers and the wallet tape boxes, but it was games from stainless and others with printed text covers that I binned, big mistake. Me and my mate back in 84 wrote a basic game based on manic miner and monty mole , can't remember what we called it but the character looked like captain caveman. We tried to sell it but never sold one copy. We even sent it to intrigue games at the time as it said in their game catalogue if you wrote a game send it to them for them to see if it's worth publishing which we never heard anything. Now I realise that I think in my comp school of around 1000 pupils there were 3 with ti99s and probably 700 with spectrums which is why our game flopped, or maybe it wasn't as good as we thought it was. Still love my ti though as I now have one and have been collecting games again for the last 15 years and I still like to program my own games when I can find the time.
  15. Hello, I wonder if anyone could please help me. I just received a new harmony cartridge the deluxe one with a SD card with software on it which i purchased from the harmony site about 2 weeks ago. I have a Pal 2600 junior which works fine with my Atari cartridges but when i try the harmony cartridge all I get is a black screen and no menu.I read on here that some say to reload the cartridge firmware so i tried to do that. When i connect to it to my pc it shows that the device is unknown and has malfunctioned. I loaded the drivers from the memory card and it still says device unknown so i am not able to change the firmware on the cartridge to pal50. I have plugged the cartridge in all 4 usb ports and only got it once to say it was connected on the harmony update programming but when i then tried to update all i got was the updater has stopped responding. I have tried 4 different usb cables I have and it still says device unknown. I sent Batari a message but have not yet had a reply. Will it be the cartridge that's failed? Or is there a problem with the 2600 junior? My pc also is on Windows XP so is that the reason it won't see the cartridge plugged into the USB? I'm in the UK so is there an option to return the cartridge for a replacement? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,
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