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  1. I've played the prototype again and I see now that easy level is playable while standard level has the infinite lives problem and the "hard" level has no enemies whatsoever. In other words, the easy skill level on the prototype is hardest!
  2. I'm reading this thread after playing the prototype ROM with no sound and I'm curious, because it seems to suggest the only difference from the new cartridge release is the sound. Yet when I play the prototype, the life counter doesn't go down and the game goes on forever. Am I missing something?
  3. I do agree that it would be nice to see another vector graphic game. Maybe something like Battlezone? Not that I'm pretending it would be easy to do, but there you go
  4. But don't you think the flashing effects are over the top? Especially if you're playing it at night. It's not a game for people with epilepsy!
  5. Ah yes, that reminds me - Bagman. I did look at that. It was something to do with going up ladders, that it was a bit awkward. The thread kind of got heated. It looks good though, no question.
  6. I want to develop a post I made elsewhere and ask about a bunch of homebrews I've learned about only fairly recently. Damn there's so many, but I need some opinions! So here are the games that I want to know a bit more about. Have you played them? Are they any good? Armageddon Bagman Bomb n Blast Elevator Action Digger Hang On Joust (pixelboy remix) Gulkave Light Grid Racing Locomotion Mindwalls Nibbli Ozma Wars Rip Cord Track And Field Star Force Rip Cord Side Trak I told you it was a big list! If you've played any of those games, I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what you think so I could look into maybe getting some of them, though I suspect the Pixelboy ones are mostly out of print. Give me your opinions NOW!!
  7. I played this tonight through the flash cart on my CV and I thought it was pretty good. I didn't see the mass of sprite flicker people were talking about. I know its a prototype but is it really a terrible conversion? I thought it looked better than the C64 one with its stretched graphics. I don't agree with pixel boy when he says it stinks, but what do others think?
  8. I get you now🙂 Do you like Hang On as a conversion? There aren't too many into-the-screen racing games on the CV. Unless you count The Fall Guy.
  9. How does that work in practice with the regular Coleco controllers? Does it feel better than, say, using the fire button to accelerate?
  10. I'm looking at the vast amount of ROM files included in the Collectorvision ROM pack that sells for $75. But there's so many it's hard to know what the general standard is of them. A lot of them seem to have been sold originally as physical carts which suggests they aren't knock offs. I have however played at least one of the games on the list, "Zippy Race", and it was pretty poor. The list can be found here: https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-vault-rom-pack/ For those in the know who have purchased these files, what are the standout conversions/games. Is it worth it?
  11. That is indeed pretty comprehensive. But does your spreadsheet denote whether games are "Super Game Module" releases? Because it can be a bit annoying seeing a game and thinking "wow I wonder how they do that on the CV" then realising it's a SGM game with different tech specs and you can't play it.
  12. Thanks for the tip I'll need to look more closely at this forum
  13. I didn't think there were many homebrew games released for free on the colecovision, at least not in the last ten years.
  14. Thanks for that--like the way you have a symbol to denote SGM games and SG1000 ports beside the titles meaning I don't have to look them up individually to find out👍
  15. Is there a site that gives a truly comprehensive list of all homebrew games released for the Colecovision? I know about cvaddict.com, but I find that site infuriating to use as every time I look at a game and go back to the main list, it resets my preferences and shows games in alphabetical order rather than the year they came out. I'm not sure it's definitive either. I just want to see if there's anything I've missed, whether the ROM is available etc etc.
  16. I can also vouch for it- truly a great alternative, even essential, and much healthier for your console too. A cheaper and better alternative to buying a phoenix.
  17. Look Kieren, I'm sorry about that post which has obviously offended you, but you've got to believe me when I say I didn't write it. Honestly I didn't. One of the moderators has altered my post after he hacked my account!!
  18. What excites me most about this thread now is the outside possibility that it might actually reach a thousand posts. A thousand posts!! Just imagine that
  19. That challenge to him is far, far too long. You need to be more direct. Just say to him "give me a direct link to the evidence". That's it. You've got to focus on one thing and you're not doing that. The point you're making is lost in the size of the message.
  20. Thanks yeah I'm just trying to digest the site now because there's tons of stuff on it. I take it all of these games on your site are sold out? None of them can be purchased?
  21. Okay, here's a couple more questions... is this for a standard Colecovision? Do you think it's better than the original?? EDIT: I see its for the original and not the SGM. So it's just the other question for Pixelboy, because I assume he's played it!
  22. Apparently a version of Zaxxon II was released for the Colecovision. It's very hard to search for this because it has a user-unfriendly name. Google searches just give links for Zaxxon, so I thought I would go on here as I can't go on to any facebook pages about it. The questions are as follows: Did it get released, and if so, when? Is it still in print, and if so, how much does it cost? Anyone got any links to the cover and screenshots? Who here has played it? Did you think it was any good? Ta for reading
  23. I do think it might be an overreaction to describe Laird as a psychopath. In saying that though, when I spoke to him on the retro canteen chat a few weeks ago, he discussed how he finally fell out with Chris Wilkins, and said: "he may have fooled me at first, but he didn't fool my mother." 😄😄😄😄😄
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