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  1. I attended the Fest 99/4 ATX event yesterday and had a great time. The presentations on FusionBBS described how to setup and run the BBS. The demonstrations on Ti Forth were very informative and discussions on the Ti 99/4a and Geneve hardware were great. I enjoyed meeting new friends and fellow users of the Ti 99/4a in the local Round Rock and Austin area. The members that attended from out of town we also very friendly and knowledgeable on all things Ti computer related. There was also a museum setup with all kinds of Ti consumer products from calculators to speak n spells along with other products that I never saw before like the talking clown head that spoke when parts of the head were moved or removed. Un-released Ti computer products were also on display. Overall it was a great time and look forward to future Ti99/4a events.
  2. I appreciate the feedback. I will continue my quest to find a schematic. If it is impossible, I will reverse engineer the vertical section and start troubleshooting until I find the problem. I have seen and fixed this on TV's and Arcade Monitors in the past. Thank You all, GuruSantiago
  3. It does this when it is cold, so the cool spray may not make a change. I have a friend that hit a Sony TV with some cool spray and it seemed to fix the issue, then he heard a loud pop and the TV died completely. The best approach is always using a volt meeter and a scope to isolate the problem. Thank You, GuruSantiago
  4. I agree with you 100%. Years ago, I repaired TV's and I know how parts that are degraded will fail when new and stronger componts are added. My hope was to find the schematic before didding in. I already checked for a vertical linearity adjustment, but I didn't find one. The amount of dust is so much that I need to clean the monitor first before I make an attempt to a repair. I suspect that the problem is in the ramp generator for the verticle. maybe a bad resistor or cap used to linearize the ramp. Thanks for your feedback. I agree on the no re-capping. Too many people latch on to that as a firs step. I have been in the industry long enough to know not to fix it it it isn'y broke. GuruSantiago
  5. My TI color monitor just started to have a problem. The vertical linearity is way off, it seems like something overheated a few nights ago. I searched for a service manual and schematics, but I did not find one. Is there a schematic for this monitor anywhere? The Model is PHA4100A. The Chassis number is NMX-K6NC. The monitor was manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. of Fukuoka Japan in 1983. Thanks in advance. GuruSantiago
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