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  1. The catbox has a RS232 and RJ11 CatNet communication ports.
  2. Have found a similar device, not sure if this is the same brand.
  3. A couple of years ago, I did a "minimal" port of microwindows, with just the video output. microwindows's examples "runs" just fine, I just wanted to give it a try. But this is more a library, so one executable by "application"; one day I may try to add the audio, mouse and keyboard support.
  4. It may be out of topic but does the 2 USB connectors in the Skunkboard could handle a keyboard?
  5. About the license, I can change it; I have used the GPL-3.0 one. If someone has a proposal, please let me know. The changes are the follow: * ELF binary format support * Visual Studio 64bits project * Communication timeout parameter * USB port selection * Bus and Port selections * Skunkboard serial number selection * Libusb 1.0.x support
  6. They probably consider the 4 direction pad as a button by itself.
  7. I have transformed it as a coff file and took this screenshot. I can move the sprites freely but If I press * I got a white screen in the window.
  8. I have used bankswitching on different platforms by the past, but could you elaborate on how the bankswitching could be done on the Jaguar? What register(s) need to be manipulated by example? Many thanks for your input.
  9. Thank you for the information. Just in case of, Qt has functions to handle the Scalability.
  10. No, my Virtual Jaguar Rx version doesn't support the CD. For what I remember, the original VJ version source code didn't support it. In case of, you still want to have a look at the Rx, here the link: https://github.com/djipi/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx/tree/develop
  11. A Version 2.4 (June 7, 1995) exists in a scanned form and break into small PDF files. I remember the filename is "jaguar_dev_manual.zip" but I do not remember where I find it.
  12. At some point, the code checks for the Serial Interface of the console. Does anyone has info about it?
  13. You are correct. You can also use GDB with the jserve tool if you want to debug your 68000 code.
  14. Thank you for this confirmation and for your work. I have a Rev.3 board, and it was possible to ask for the extra USB ports to be soldered or not. I asked to have them soldered, I feel a bit lucky.
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