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  1. I have used bankswitching on different platforms by the past, but could you elaborate on how the bankswitching could be done on the Jaguar? What register(s) need to be manipulated by example? Many thanks for your input.
  2. Thank you for the information. Just in case of, Qt has functions to handle the Scalability.
  3. No, my Virtual Jaguar Rx version doesn't support the CD. For what I remember, the original VJ version source code didn't support it. In case of, you still want to have a look at the Rx, here the link: https://github.com/djipi/Virtual-Jaguar-Rx/tree/develop
  4. A Version 2.4 (June 7, 1995) exists in a scanned form and break into small PDF files. I remember the filename is "jaguar_dev_manual.zip" but I do not remember where I find it.
  5. At some point, the code checks for the Serial Interface of the console. Does anyone has info about it?
  6. You are correct. You can also use GDB with the jserve tool if you want to debug your 68000 code.
  7. Thank you for this confirmation and for your work. I have a Rev.3 board, and it was possible to ask for the extra USB ports to be soldered or not. I asked to have them soldered, I feel a bit lucky.
  8. Sure and if you have Linux installed, I will be interested to know how the project compile.
  9. I have updated the wiki page of the project for the libraries. Let me know if the information is useful. *** Compiling src/eeprom.cpp... src/eeprom.cpp:19:10: fatal error: direct.h: No such file or directory 19 | #include <direct.h> | ^~~~~~~~~~ direct.h is part of the Microsoft dev. environment. I do not know if Cygwin supports this.
  10. Not to my knowledge, but this is a very good point. VJ has it for sure.
  11. I work on it time to time. I have updated the develop branch with the source tracing and additional stuff. Feel free to build it from this branch if you want to have a look at it. I use it on Windows only but, in theory, it should work on Linux too.
  12. I have nothing against rmac, I have big respects for people working on it. I use it when I got old source codes. rmac is quicker to use than vasm in this case. I started to use vasm several years ago because it worked well with vlink and gcc. My toolchain is based on ELF format, which help me to use DWARF debug information. So I can trace at source level with my VJ Rx version.
  13. I suggest to play with real hardware first, otherwise, you can try both and decide which one you prefer. Phoenix seems to have a better emulation.
  14. https://www.ngemu.com/threads/phoenix-project-3do-emulator-translated-into-english.191753/
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