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  1. Do we know how may dev. kit Atari has made?
  2. In the official Atari Jaguar SDK, you have a directory "BPEG". Sources, and a readme, are included.
  3. I have just built the sdk toolchain and not yet tested it with my console/Skunkboard. Other than, I do not recall problems to access to USB devices. About jcp, I did a jcp2 version many years ago to add some features. It was done to pilot more than one console connected to a PC. ELF binary format support 64bits support Communication timeout parameter USB port selection Bus and Port selections Skunkboard serial number selection Libusb 1.0.x support I may check if a merge is possible to your jcp and propose a PR in the future.
  4. Thank you for sharing; to make it works, I have used WSL (Linux on Windows). Do you plan to add the jdb.cof source code? I remember it was available in the skunkboard source code package.
  5. There are also the controller overlays found in some games.
  6. Cool. You are correct, I follow the original VJ to store the settings. I have added your suggestion in the VJ Rx's project pool of ideas.
  7. The --es-ui option should do the trick.
  8. If you are using VJ Rx, there are command line options to deal with the settings.
  9. ELF became widely used around 1999. I discovered it with a Linux distribution in 1996-1997. In theory Brainstorm had no particular reason(s) to use the ELF format with their tool chain, during this period, the COFF was the norm. To my knowledge, gcc 4.4 was the last version to have the COFF maintained, the ELF format became the norm around 2010.
  10. The "official" platform was a Falcon, not a TT.
  11. Not really, the amount of work to make it commercial doesn't make much sense. The game is (very) short too.
  12. There is a recent tentative port of Heart of the Alien: Out of this World part II for Atari Jaguar. No optimisations and no audios. Intro Gameplay
  13. I'm not familiar with the 10x Editor, could you briefly told me the main reason(s) leading this support?
  14. Due to the rmac one pass assembly, Jwarn may not be very useful because it needs complete opcodes from output listing assembly. A discussion about the subject http://jlhconsulting.gotdns.com/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=192 Only gasm and vasm output listing can be used with Jwarn at the moment.
  15. Have you modified also the jserve and jdb.cof applications?
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