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  1. Very nice, love that Interstate 76 box on the shelf. Played the crap out of that game. So much fun. You have so many of the old PC games I grew up playing, great collection.
  2. Virtual Boy...man I remember having that. Such an odd console. Really wish I would have kept all my old systems from back in the day. Jealous of your cabinets.
  3. It was Destiny but, I don't know, it just got old doing the same missions over and over and over and over......Was hoping for more of a story. Don't get me wrong the gameplay is good but just gets stale. I do jump back into BF4 every now and then for some MP goodness.
  4. Only game I really played on there was OMG Zombies. Really liked that one.
  5. Trying to finish the first Borderlands (yeh I know I'm behind) and also started Dragon Age. Too many games to play and not enough time.
  6. Honestly don't remember what game I played last on my PS3. Haven't played it in quite a while now but with PS+ the backlog keeps growing and growing. Need to start/finish one of the PSP God of Wars (forget which one I already beat) and Killzone HD. KZ2 was my purpose for getting a PS3 in the first place, bought Killzone HD but like the rest of the catalog, just haven't gotten around to it.
  7. Hockey from the virtual console. Used what points I had left from Nintendo coins to get it. Only have a couple games for the Wii U. Need to get more but for some reason I just don't have a desire to play it when I am ready to sit down and play games.
  8. Great.... playing through CE on legendary right now and have raged quit a few times. Have previously played all the others (on the 360) from Halo 3 on, on legendary and it wasn't that bad. I loved ODST, thought it was a lot of fun. Will definitely get it for MCC as well.
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