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    RC airplanes, retrogaming (DIY RetroPie arcademachine in the basement). My first computer, a TI99 bought in '83. Chili in the greenhouse. Our forst car, a Citroen 2cv AK400, up for restpration (Time needed).
  1. Ja, hvor i har i været de sidste 30 år? :-)Btw. I've just decided to buy me a christmas present - a NanoPEB, I have a spare Raspberry Pi in desperate need of getting hooked up on a NanoPEB/Ti99.
  2. I don't know if it has been considered using a Raspberry Pi as an interface between the Ti99 and other devices, or even as a device itself (emulating disc drives, RS232 interface, usb, ethernet, wifi, printer port, ??) The Pi has several interfaces, USB, HDMI and Ethernet, but also some general purpose I/O's described here: http://elinux.org/RPi_Low-level_peripherals I read a question on the TI99ers group on Facebook - how to connect a printer to your Ti99 if you do not want to invest in a PEB? Then you need a NanoPEB, connect it to your pc, run TIPrint on your pc. Why not attach the Raspberry Pi to the NanoPEB, all you need is a MAX3232 and some capacitors to convert the 3,3v levels on the Pi to RS232 levels, then some linux/python/?? programming to forward what is recieved from the Ti to the USB port on the Pi. You might even be able to use a WIFI dongle on the Pi's usb port as an interface to your printer (the Ti would then appear on your network :-)) I have not (at least not recently) checked what is needed to interface directly to the Ti99, but consider this as an input to a potential (cheap) solution to what might seem impossible.
  3. Searching for some information about the Mini Memory module, found Rasmus' Sabre Wulf video on Youtube - voilá :-) I bought my first Ti99/4A back in '83 when I was 13 (the one I have today is my third), Ti activities in Denmark seemed to fade away in '87/88 (no internet with easy access to information). But what is going on in this forum brings back the joy and happiness, but might also cost a fortune - I have to upgrade with a lot of new stuff and figure out how to inform my wife :-)
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