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  1. Hi all just received the bits to make a s-drive max for my atari 800 but I cant get the touchscreen to work the aduino programmed fine and it comes up with the x calibrabration but nothing happens when I touch the screen I have included pictures of my device any help would be much appreciated and I am a novice so please be gentle. Many Thanks
  2. Hi all I have a Sord M5 computer and with it came a Sord DR-5 Computer Tape Deck which is working but my question is when I plug the lead in the ear socket the sound is still coming out of the built in tape speaker is this right because it can get very noisy loading a game and does not seem right to me. Many Thanks
  3. Hi all Many Many Thanks to everyone who helped me with my TI99/4a with the new 4116 chip in its now up and running could not of done it without you guys. Cheers all
  4. Hi all I have got hold of some dram chips and dip sockets and have unsoldered the first chip by the joystick socket but like an idiot I forgot to take a picture to see which points need soldering to where.Has anyone got or able to send me a picture with a close up of the back of the board at that point so I can double check what needs soldering to where. Many Thanks
  5. This is the basic screen When in basic there are some white lines flashing interference on the screen and you can type the keys but what letter or number although readable does not reflect which key has been pressed.
  6. Hi all Just received a TI99/4A and after plugging it in get this on the screen. And this anyone any ideas please. many thanks
  7. Hi all I have just got hold of a Atari 800 computer and noticed that the little clamps by the cartridge slots that hold the top lid on are missing does anyone know if these are available anywhere or does anyone have 3D printer plans for them so that I could print a pair off. Many Thankks
  8. It was worth a try as the guy already selling the cases are very expensive I will have to look into doing my own.
  9. Hi all I have a Texas ti99/4a with a nanoPEB and have seen people selling 3D printed cases for them I have recently brought a 3D printer and was hoping someone out there might have a file of a case which I could print off on my printer for my nanoPEB. Many Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all have recieved a nanoPEB from a website and while looking around trying to work out how to use it i found a post saying the memory should be 11840 BYTES OF STACK FREE 24488 BYTES OF PROGRAM,well mine says 11832 bytes of stack memory. is this a problem will it cause any issues. many thanks in advance
  11. Hi all just ran the built in memory test on my atari 800 xl and sometimes it only finds 40 squares instead of 48 sometimes it finds all 48 does this mean some of the ram is faulty.if so what am i looking for to repair the faulty ram. many thanks
  12. It would be nice to find out what bit is causing the video timing problem and what is different with the ntsc boards compared to the pal boards
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