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  1. So I need to buy a basic cartridge to run bas off an atr.
  2. Hi all Sorry in advance if I am sounding thick but I have an atari 400 computer and a sdrivemax drive plugged into it now I now how to load a bas file on its own as a tape via the sddrive but I have got some atr images which boot up into dos 2.5 when I search the disk it shows it has bas files on it but how do I get the bas files to load off the disk image. Again sorry if I sound stupid but any help would be great. Many Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all Just got hold of a Sega Gamegear console which I have just recapped to get it working but with it came an L.P.M Gamster powergrip plugin battery pack for the gamegear my question is does anyone know what voltage power supply i need to use to see if it will charge up. many thanks in advance
  4. ok thanks looks like I will have to start looking on the internet to buy one somewhere.
  5. Hi all I have a Atari 400 computer but no power supply I see it requires 9vac 3.4amps I have looked in my bag of old power supplies and found a multi adaptor it says 9vac 4 amps would this be ok but I am not sure about it being a switch mode power supply if that will make a difference any help please. Many Thanks in advance
  6. I may buy a new cable but any ideas on the screen of death I have tried cleaning the cartridge slot but no success.
  7. I have only got an rf cable for it and the other two I have work fine on that TV.
  8. It's funny if I insert my cyber morph cart in I get a black screen but works fine on my other two consoles. But if I insert my skunkboard I get what you see in the video take no notice of the cross rolling that's the camera but it rolls up and down I have tried cleaning both cart and slot no change. VID_20200305_101559.mp4
  9. From cable but the other two consoles work fine no issues at all
  10. Hi its a green led I already own a jaguar and brought another 2 consoles off a seller have no problem with my other 2 when you say control panel to alter the v hold are you saying on the jaguar itself. many thanks
  11. Hi all I got hold of a new old stock jaguar console which when plugged in with a cartridge I get the red screen of death but also the screen is rolling. the cartridge slot is spotless as it's new so anyone have any idea what it might be. many Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all just received the bits to make a s-drive max for my atari 800 but I cant get the touchscreen to work the aduino programmed fine and it comes up with the x calibrabration but nothing happens when I touch the screen I have included pictures of my device any help would be much appreciated and I am a novice so please be gentle. Many Thanks
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