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  1. WOW! This is awesome CJ! Thanks!! I (semi) regularly link up the ST and Amiga versions together via null modem cable for some head to head action (that tends to spin quite a few people out seeing the two competing systems linked up for VS play). Any change you're making an Amiga CD32 port to cross-link with the Jag? And thanks Gaz for the twitter post giving me a heads up on this!
  2. I have one as well... but not all buttons on the jagged work well (some repeat other button functions). Weird thing is, these are reversed when I use on a PC as compared to when I run it on Mac Never did figure it out...
  3. They look SWEET! What is the history behind these? Never seen them before.
  4. My thoughts exactly! And thanks for the Lynx links guys I'm thinking about getting one or more of the clear ones as they'd be good Lynx stands for use in our retro areas at large events/Expos.
  5. First off, wonderful collection! Absolutely love seeing all those beautiful variants! I'm going to have to bookmark this just in order to use it as a 2600 Variants Encyclopaedia! Great get! I scored one myself from a second hand store (loose T-Handle only) a few years back. Was this a private sale or find in the wild? If this was via eBay then you must have snapped it up in an instant as it never even crossed my radar! In any case, nice score And once again, AWESOME collection and thank you for sharing.
  6. The Jaguar, followed closely by the XEGS. The XEGS was my very first gaming system and the Jaguar was the first I ever had to work for to buy. Both hold super sweet spots in my heart. The worst of these two for me is, after attaining every single official release CIB for both systems, I'm in a small unit atm where I can't even display these beauties! And that's another favourite thing about these two systems: the box art! Out of all the various computer and console systems from the 70's up till today, my absolute favourite are tied between the blue-box XEGS and the sleek Jag boxes!!
  7. $81.40 (USD) for a Faceball VB prototype (CIB) for the Virtual Boy
  8. Master System 3 (from TecToy - Brazil) with 131 built-in games http://segaretro.org/Master_System_3 I like to set this up at events & expos as its got a large variety of games and there is zero chance of cartridges 'disappearing' (as uncommon as that is).
  9. 2532 Only jumped on tonight! Damn stress packed life atm! What's worse is my Raphnet Technologies JagPad adapter does not recognize Right on the D-Pad, so have to use Down for Right instead! Anyone else using one of these on Virtual Jag? Anyone else have this problem??
  10. I'd love to have just one of them Lynx historical beauties adorning one of the walls (and if safe then to take them to our events and expos). Most of all i think i'd love the Gauntlet, Slime World and Zarlor ones
  11. Not moving into a new house atm, but a lot of crap and stress atm. No time :/ 51125
  12. That's cool! Thanks for sharing I love old Atari paperwork and collect myself. I personally haven't seen this one before. Cheers!
  13. And here's my last try: 501030 I didn't die until Level 4 and then it all went downhill rather quickly!
  14. Damn! Did get much time to myself this round. Here's my first try: 185010
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