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  1. Auction ending in less than 10 hours for anyone into rare Atari Jaguar hardware, dev, and software: Atari Jaguar Flashcart with Towers II Review Copy/Beta and Towers II Paperwork
  2. Less than 12 hours to go!! R10 • ATARI 2600 Ultravision KARATE T-Handle Cartridge
  3. Hi, For anyone interested, I have listed my Atari Jaguar Translucent console shell along with a translucent Jaguar cartridge shel (with ATARI and Fuji logos on back) on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/194808102590?hash=item2d5b77bebe:g:H8UAAOSwA7BiAv39 I purchased this from the moulding that was going to be used for the now (and perhaps always) defunct RETRO VGS project. I planned to do something with this shell but never got around to it so it comes NEW/Unused. Cheers!! Serblander
  4. Hi, Selling my TEMPEST XTREEM complete in case with manual: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/194330419767 Happy to post worldwide. Cheers! 🍻
  5. Hi All, For any Atari 8-Bit computer game collectors, I am listing my 5200 BLAST! MultiCart (from Sunmark) for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/194247552988?hash=item2d3a0e6fdc:g:RmsAAOSwnN5g89kh I believe there were only 50 of these cartridges made and sold back in 2003 (the same as Sunmark's MIDI Maze with Golf cartridge that I picked up at the same time). I haven't had my 8-Bit set up at home for years now so finally decided to let this one go. If you're interested, happy bidding and good luck Serblander
  6. Heads up to all that were asking about this: Eye of the Beholder (Eric DeLee CIB Atari Lynx release) is ending in just under 90 minutes. Good luck to all bidding
  7. Heads up to all those that asked: the Eye of the Beholder (CIB from Eric DeLee) auction is ending in just under 90 minutes. I hope it goes to someone from these forums that has been wanting one for ages, and I hope they get a lot more use out of it than I had the time to put into it. On a related note: does anyone know if Eye of The Beholder is ComLynxable? I was going through my Lynx brochures recently while sorting, and cam across one where it showed it as being ComLynx game, but not sure if Eric or anyone else for that matter has tried it or confirmed it??
  8. Greetings! I have decided to part with my large Atari Lynx collection and have finally decided to also sell my boxed and complete Eye of the Beholder game (with save chip as released by Eric DeLee back in 2011). If you're a collector of Atari Lynx games, then you know how rare this is. For all those that have been asking, here is the link to the auction (price in AUD $) and yes, I ship worldwide with online Tracking and Signature Delivery service. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/194004835903 This was a hard one to let go of as I love my SSI AD&D RPG's most of all, but as I will be selling the other ones (various platforms) this one will go now too. Cheers! Serblander
  9. I actually just jumped on to answer a few DM's and to post in the Marketplace that I have just listed my Eye of the Beholder on eBay last night (7 day auction). After that I will list a few of the other rarities that I have no recent comparisons for sales (Yatsuna variant release, full 7 set Lynx User mags, Kellogs Lynx Promo cereal box, etc) and was planning to update in Marketplace (eBay auctions) page as I'm not sure if you're supposed to update sales directly in the Lynx Forum? I'm happy to do whichever way people prefer and as per Forum rules (would just hate for long term collector's to miss out by missing a tread elsewhere as I know how it feels as I missed out on plenty rare auctions/sales like this in the past). Cheers!
  10. No, it's just the box, but it's the only one like this i've ever seen before. As for that Falcon on milk bottles: WOW! You wouldn't happen to have the bottle or a picture of one by chance? That is super cool!
  11. Hi all, I just listed my original, vintage, New Old Stock (never set-up or used) ATARI Phoenix Mobile store display on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-PHOENIX-Store-Display-Mobile-NEW-Sealed-Original-RARE-Vintage-NOS/193902899445?hash=item2d258370f5:g:x3IAAOSwXQJgL62- Shipping to most countries available (North America, UK, New Zealand, etc) but please check auction listing or just ask me here if you reside anywhere else but are interested. I was hoping to have a dedicated Atari games room set up but unfortunately it did not eventuate due to space constraints. As such, I'm just now starting to let go of not just my Atari games and systems (large Lynx collection going up shortly with lots or rarities), but many Atari collectibles and memorabilia that I am starting to list as well. Good luck to anyone who is going to bid - I truly hope Phoenix gets to rise up in a good new home
  12. Thank you very much. I'm not sure as I can't remember seeing the boxes for them (only used and looked at the game boxes/info previously). I'll have to take a look. I don't have easy access to a scanner but I definitely want to scan that Atari Lynx Cereal Promo Box! This is the only one I have ever seen myself.
  13. Hi, yes, I will be separating and listing them for sale. I will make a post in the Marketplace section in a day or two
  14. The Atari Lynx » one of the most underrated fun handheld systems, especially when it comes to multiplayer gaming. Here is most of my collection (not counting all the doubles / full ComLynx Cart sets) I’m putting up here as a beautiful reminder before I sell it all in order to channel all energy (and funds) into my gaming book projects. I just wish I took photos before I sold off a few of the other official Lynx CIB games, as I had the full boxed release set, with the exception of Hard Drivin’ (never had the box or poster, only a few carts). I’m going to miss having these, especially the rare Lynx pieces that I have, and had (already said goodbye to my 2 Lynx Store/Counter Display Units). At the end of the day, I’d rather see these beauties go to someone who will appreciate them more than just having them stored away and used once a year. Thank you for all the beautiful memories. I hope you get make some new ones soon! ^^ 🍻
  15. WOW! This is awesome CJ! Thanks!! I (semi) regularly link up the ST and Amiga versions together via null modem cable for some head to head action (that tends to spin quite a few people out seeing the two competing systems linked up for VS play). Any change you're making an Amiga CD32 port to cross-link with the Jag? And thanks Gaz for the twitter post giving me a heads up on this!
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