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  1. Looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing Vocelli. Requests would be Video Pinball and Pac-Man.
  2. I got real lucky. This is the only game I wouldn't come in 4th against you three.
  3. Is it too early to post? 2069,400. Rack 99. Max lives left.
  4. Favorites Solar Fox and Kaboom Best surprise. Thunderground and Canyon Bomber ain't never playing again ice Hockey and Star Wars.
  5. I think we tied for 23-24 which is ok since both are bronzed. I thought we were going to be tied for 24-25 which would have been very interesting as one is bronze and one is paper.
  6. Times for week are: atari 2600 Fantastic Voyage for HSC 129 mins Solar Fox 190 mins Both good games.
  7. 90% real hardware. 10% FB9 with an sd card. I have 180 diff games but sometimes the HSC is a game I don’t have. Real hardware is much better in my opinion.
  8. Times for week. All Atari 2600; donkey Kong 99 mins eggomania 20 mins fantastic voyage 38 mins squish em 18 mins solar Fox 96 mins all fun
  9. 38,850. Pretty fun game. Never played it before.
  10. A lot of good paddle games back then. I’m surprised that Eggomania , one of my favorites the last few years, only received one vote all these years.
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