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  1. Times for the week All Atari 2600 Boing for FB HSC 80 mins Eggomania 41 mins Enduro for HSC 171 mins Solar Fox 64 mins all fun.
  2. 558.0. Great game. I expect to get the patch later this week.
  3. Times for the week All Atari 2600 Death Trap for HSC 49 mins Enduro for HSC 20 mins Reactor for Facebook HSC 16 mins Sold Fox 51 mins Didnt care much for Reactor or Death Trap. Enduro has always been a fave.
  4. Times for the week are: Atari 2600 Eggomania 59 mins Freeway for FB HSC 86 mins River Raid for HSC 87 mins Solar Fox 40 mins. All fun.
  5. 35,650. Hope to improve. One of my all time favorites.
  6. Times for the week. NES Ice Climber for HSC 85 mins Atari 2600 Cosmic Ark for FB HSC 77 mins Frog and Flies HSC 12 mins Kool Aid MaN HSC 22 mins Picnic HSC 19 mins Solar Fox 57 mins all interesting.
  7. Times for the week are: For the NES HSC - Ice Climber 64 minutes Atari 2600: Activision Checkers for HSC 11 Minutes, first time playing, fun. Frogs and Flies for the HSC 47 Minutes. first time playing, liking a lot. Kool Aid Man for HSC 23 minutes - First time, liking. Picnic for HSC 29 Mins, first time. liking a bit. Solar Fox 102 minutes. Spider Fighter for the HSC on facebook 39 minutes - good game. Six games for different HSC clubs. competing a lot. doing terrible. I am finding the competition much more difficult than in past years. All fun.
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