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  1. Times hope the week are: atari 2600: breakout 37 mins eggomania 22 mins kaboom 14 mins solar fox 56 mins for NES for high score club Tetris 335 mins 488,900. First place so far. One of only two nes games I’ve playing the last thirty years.
  2. Pretty sure you will top it within the next nine days. Good luck.
  3. Very nice score. I will have to try harder. Good luck.
  4. Times for the week: NES Tetris for HSC 88 mins. Score of 454,791 Atari 2600: Breakout 13 mins. Scored 864 each tome egomania 38 mins. Best 80,000 once kaboom 20mins. solar Fox 105 mins. All fun.
  5. Great. Love this game. Favorite NES game.
  6. Times for the week all Atari 2600: dodge em 17 mins eggomania 237 mins. Best 100,000 once kaboom 22 mins. Got 3500 to earn a patch solar Fox 95 mins. All fun.
  7. Thank you Carlsson for all the effort you put into this every week and in particular this week. These lists are very interesting and your work here is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Times for the week are; all atari 2600: asteroids 11 mins dodge em 23 mins eggomania 173 mins galaxian 21 mins solar Fox 178 mins all fun.
  9. Only two 2600 games. Eggomania 59 mins. Solar Fox 77 mins.
  10. Times for the week are: all Atari 2600 dodge em 21 mins eggomania 128 mins kaboom 7 mins ms. Pac-Man 25 mins solar Fox 129 mins
  11. 4-6 hours is a long time. Besides spending five hours getting the million in Laser Blast, the most I ever spent on a single game was 85 minutes. These days, anything approaching 50 minutes, I feel it.
  12. Times for the week, all atari 2600 are: Eggomania 89 minutes. No high score bu did get a score of 112,676. Kaboom 20 minutes. Best score was enough for a patch, around 3,400. Solar Fox 151 minutes. Stopped at 4.3 mil.
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