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  1. Congratulations Zilch Sr on a great season.
  2. Times for the week Atari 2600 Solar Fox 180 mins Arcade on ps one Asteroids 10 mins Galaga 16 mins Pole Position 1 - 20 mins all fun.
  3. Times for the week are; Atari 2600 Solar Fox 100 mins Arcade on PSone, mostly on Namco Museum: asteroids 24 galaga 28 galaxian 36 pole position 43 pole position 2. 10 all fun.
  4. Arcade on ps one Nampo Museum Galaga 12 mins Atari 2600 Amidar 8 mins Astroblast 75 mins for HSC. I was eliminated from playoffs tonight. Enduro 44 mins. Great game. Solar Fox 160 mins. All fun.
  5. Congrats to those advancing. Thank you Vocelli for another great season. Looking forward to next season.
  6. Atari 2600 Amidar 14 mins Enduro 185 mins for first bracket of HSC Solar Fox 158 mins. All fun
  7. I try to set targets also but haven't been able to. Can you share your targets? Thanks. I'm thinking 220 -180 after snow - 100 at dusk -50 dawn. Are your targets close? Thank you. AGB
  8. Atari 2600 Amidar 29 mins Cosmic Creeps 126 mins FB HSC Eggomania 5 mins Enduro 81 mins. HSC brackets Solar Fox 150 mins All fun games
  9. Great game but I came in 30th place that week. Look forward to improving my score.
  10. That's a great Kaboom score. I recently played 150-160 games of kaboom one week and topped out in the 4,000s with good working paddles. It is really hard to play any paddle games on the ps2. I think you really need an original atari 2600 with good working paddles. Unfortunately, my paddles need some work. One of the wires is lose. I now do two player games only scoring on player two. Nice Solar Fox score. You will be breaking a million soon and then 2 mil. Fun game. Is not doing well on Kaboom for you still over 100,000?
  11. Favorites Enduro Ms. Pac-man Most surprising: Spideroid - still playing (played it the last three days) Circus Atari - never played before and i don't know why. Fun game. Won't ever play again: Spiderman Espial
  12. Congratulations Zilch Sr. Great job Vocelli. Thank you.
  13. Atari 2600 Amidar 17 mins. Like this game a lot. Eggomania 27 mins Score of 78,000 golf 10 mins didn’t like the game at all. Jr Pac-Man fir HSC 65 mins. Not too good a score but a real good game. Solar Fox 161 mins. All good scores. Almost all fun.
  14. Atari 2600 Jr. Pac-Man HSC 39 mins Laser Gates HSC 87 mins Solar Fox 117 mins
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