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  1. Congrats Lauren. Great season Atarian.
  2. Times for the week. all Atari 2600 Breakout 46 mins Eggomania 140 mins oink 25 mins Solar Fox 89 mins Squish’em 21 mins Super Breakout10 mins Tanks but no Tanks 10 mins All fun.
  3. Congrats Zilch. Great season Old Man G.
  4. Congrats Deteacher. Another great season Oyama.
  5. Times, all Atari 2600 Centipede 49 mins Eggomania 49 mins Oink 50 mins Solar Fox 55 mins Squish em 14 mins Super Breakout 7 mins Al fun
  6. I will get so killed this week. Coming in 8th. But I do like this game a lot.
  7. Times for the week; Atari 2600 eggomania 35 mins mouse trap for Facebook HSC 130 mins Phoenix for HSC 73 minutes Solar Fox 141 mins All fun.
  8. Congrats Atarian and Lauren. Great scores. I will concede. I got lucky with my 70,000. Haven’t come anywhere close to that since. good luck.
  9. Times for the week are: all atari 2600. Hero 2 mins Phoenix for high score club 96 mins. Solar Fox 62 mins. Squish'em 18 mins. All fun.
  10. I ain’t very good at this game but it is fun and I will play a lot. 21,660
  11. Good luck Lauren. Good luck Atarian. Good luck S. Baz i'm glad we have a fun game we are all competitive at.
  12. Congrats and good luck to all who are advancing. Good luck in Paper bracket for rest. Great season all.
  13. Times for the week. All Atari 2600. Atari Invaders 10 mins Breakout 15 mins. Score of 864 Dodge’em 10 mins Eggomania 48 mins. PB of 246,486. Hero 10 mins. Lock and Chase 14 mins Solar Fox for HSC. 102 mins. Leading with 30 mins left Squish’em 34 mins. PB of 41,530. This is my favorite 2600 home brew. all great games.
  14. 41,430 for Atari 2600 Squish’em.
  15. For date night, breakout and super breakout are best.
  16. Times for the week: arcade on ps one did dug 14 mins ms pac man 9 mins Atari 2600 solar Fox 138 mins for HSC squish’em 10 mins
  17. Looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing Vocelli. Requests would be Video Pinball and Pac-Man.
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