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  1. Atari 2600: basketball HSC 10 mins eggomania 54 mins ice hockey HSC 16 mins solar Fox 78 mins squish’em 41 mins video chess 12 mins arcade on ps one dig dug 76 mins All good games
  2. Times for the week: arcade using ps one Asteroids 14 mins Dig Dug 23mins AtAri 2600: basketball HSC 37 mins Eggomania 25 mins ice Hockey HSC 5 mins seaweed assault HSC 7 mins Solar Fox 77 mins all fun.
  3. Always liked the basketball cartridge 52-52
  4. My times for the short week are: Arcade on ps one Asteroids 37 mins. I’ve been playing this game for over 40 years and still terrible. 17,540 for high score. Dig Dug 11 mins Galaxian 18 mins Ms. Pac-Man 8 mins Pole Position 2 - 21 mins Atari 2600 Eggomania 85 mins. HS of 198,706. Solar Fox 111 mins Squish em 14 mins all fun.
  5. Carlsson, thank you for all the effort you put into this, not only at year end but every week. This makes gaming a lot more interesting. The year end lists and the all time lists are great fun to read. Thank you.
  6. I think so. It says agetec on bottom right of cover. See below. Thank you.
  7. Many days off with too much time spent on games. Started by conquering Super Mario Bros for the NES HSC 105 minutes. then did my normal but excessive atari playing as follows eggomania 280 mins ladybug 18 mins solar Fox 180 mins sqish’em using sd card on FB9 21 mins then took out my ps one Arcade games with the namco museum and Atari collection asteroids 65 mins centipede 7 mins dig dug 16 mins Galaga 13 mins Ms pacman 6 mins pole position 2 - 10 mins ps one games driver 2 - 134 mins racing 34 mins happy New Years everyone
  8. 744,450. Saved the princess with no warp zones. Great game.
  9. Times for the week: NES Super Mario Bros. 241 mins for the HSC. eggomania 63 mins phoenix 16 mins for HSC solar Fox 105 mins squish’em 10 mind all fun.
  10. Only world 6. Should make it from 1-1 through 8-4 soon.
  11. First time in years I saved the princess. Took quite a few tries. Great great game. Will try for a decent score now and thru the next three weeks.
  12. Times for the week are NES super Mario bros for HSC 36 mins atari 2600: eggomania 77 mins pacman 4 hack 5 mins pacman in space hack 13 mins Phoenix 71 mins HSC solar Fox 147 mins sqish em 33 mins star wars death HSC 37 mins all fun.
  13. Very nice. What are turtle tricks? Thanks.
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