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  1. Times for the week are: all Atari 2600 Polaris for HSC 25 mins Solar Fox 121 mins Tutankham last weeks HSC but still playing 56 mins all good.
  2. Times for the week are all Atari 2600: bowling 10 mins. PB of 255 frankenstein for HSC 5 mins halloween for HSC 9 mins solar Fox 190 mins tutankham for HSC 156 mins. Liked the game a lot. all fun.
  3. Times for the week all Atari 2600 GI Joe Cobra 12 mins for HSC solar Fox 160 mins Tutankham 53 mins for HSC. Good game.
  4. First time I am playing and I am liking it a lot. 421. Will be playing lots this week.
  5. Beamrider is the only Rarity 5 I have. Got lucky at a flea market years ago. This and two nes games for $5.
  6. Times for the week all Atari 2600 breakout 23 mins eggomania 23 mins frontline 20 mins kaboom 11 mins gi joe cobra 2 mins solar Fox 114 mins All fun.
  7. Great score and second place with that competition is excellent. Congrats
  8. Times for the week are: All Atari 2600 bowling 9 mins. HSC breakout 16 mins eggomania 29 mins front line 12 mins HSC kaboom 98 mins HSC solar Fox 188 mins. A all fun.
  9. Times for the week. All Atari 2600. Bowling 25 mins for high score club. Hero 82 mins for high score club on flashback 8. Lousy score but good game. Kaboom. 72 mins. First place after 3 days but that won’t last. Solar Fox 59 minutes. Good week.
  10. 32,160. Will keep playing. Fun game.
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