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  1. Two good games. Combined with Hero, should be good 2600 weekend. Kaboom score of 3573.
  2. Times for the week are; all atari 2600 commando for HSC 11 mins eggomania 40. Hero for HSC. 52 mins. Playing for the first time using flashback. Liking it a lot so far. Solar Fox. 249 mins
  3. First time ever playing. Will play again for sure. 18875
  4. Times for the week, all Atari 2700 are: Blueprint for HSC 37 mins Oink for HSC 15 mins Solar Fox 135 mins all fun.
  5. Times for the week, all Atari 2600 are: blueprint 16 mins. Fun game for HSC eggomania 97 mins. Scored 119,590 kaboom 9 mins score of 3955 which is good for me oink 23 mins for HSC. Good game pressure cooker 5 mins played on my FB8 for HSC. Not getting how to play. Solar Fox 119 mins. Last weeks HSC game.1st place.
  6. Times for the week are: all atari 2600: Blueprint 17 mins for HSC eggomania 24 mins Oink 80 mins for HSC Solar Fox 132 mins for HSC. All fun.
  7. Oink 13,048. Like this game. Will go better.
  8. I use real hardware from 1979 and joystick from my flashback 2. Fun game.
  9. Times for the week are all Atari 2600: eggomania 24 mins score of 120,064. Gorf for HSC 91 mins. First time playing with ok score but not great. Liked the game a lot Solar Fox for HSC 204 mins. First place so far with score of 5,611,100.
  10. 5,611,100 Rack 0 after the kill screen at 255. Video shows after rack 255 it goes to rack 0 with a screen that is new but cannot end. 9B81EE6D-EBF1-4714-9CED-B20AB02AFAA9.mov 77EF713E-1B47-420C-9E93-3BFB0B5A0A52.MOV
  11. 7,100. Never played this before but am liking it a lot. I think it’s a fun game though I don’t think many agree.
  12. 4,360,200. Rack 202. 4 lives left.
  13. 2,159,800 with a couple of lives left. Showing pictures of rack 99 and then 101. My all time favorite game.
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