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  1. Times for the week are Atari 2600 River Raid 72 mins Shark Attack 15 mins Solar Fox 93 mins.
  2. 25250. Great game. One of my favorites. Great score Leto.
  3. Times for the week. All Atari 2600: Lost Luggage 12 mins HSC. Good game. Pele Soccer 20 mins. Couldnt score. HSC game. Didnt like it. Raft Rider. 14 mins. For HSC. Ok game. Shark Attack for Hsc. 16 mins. Good game. Solar Fox. 124 mins. Really good game.
  4. Times of the eeek. Both Atari 2600 Night Driver 35 mins for HSC. Solar Fox 132 minutes.
  5. Mr Vocelli. I think my score of 69 was on the wrong level. Please use my previous score of 62. Thank you.
  6. Times for the week are: PlayStation 1 Driver. 14 minutes. Atari 2600: Demon Attack 10 mins Dodge em 10 mins Eggpmania 14 mins HSC Night Driver 38 mins HSC Solar Fox 175 mins
  7. Using the real hardware this time. 62.
  8. Bonus. Cars from Dodge em, one of my favorite Atari games.
  9. Bonus. Demon Attack. Looks to me birds are dropping eggs.
  10. Times for the week. Both Atari 2600. Solar Fox 153 mins Squishem 181 minutes for the HSC. First time playing the game and it became a little addictive after a while. Kind of fun game.
  11. Last score for the week. 29,140. Kind of fun game.
  12. 24,450. Improvement. Will try a little more tonight.
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