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  1. 146,000. Nice improvement but still way behind the great ones.
  2. 65,000. Enjoying this game. Never played before this week.
  3. All Atari 2600: Dark Cavern. 15 minutes River Raid 2. 39 mins Solar Fox. 93 mins
  4. For the bonus ill Pick Home run since I worked at yankee stadium in the late 70s,early 89s selling ice cream soda and peanuts.
  5. My video game playing time spikes during Christmas time, high score club and in between football and baseball seasons.
  6. 3800. Not sure Im getting it yet. Will keep trying.
  7. Atari 2600. Beamrider 16 mins Solar Fox 237 mins I have to mix it up more.
  8. Solar fox rolls at 999,999.
  9. For the week I played all Atari 2600: Beamrider 36 mins Frostbite 38 mins Solar Fox 162 mins Space Jockey 48 mins
  10. All Atari 2600 Beamrider 138 mins Frostbite 13 mins Skiing 11 mins Solar Fox 70 mins This was my first time playing beamrider and I really enjoyed the game.
  11. Skiing 40.94. Frostbite first score is 4,970.
  12. Thank you cpuwiz and all. I got a coaxial adapter and the 2600 is working well. Good to be playing the old hardware again.
  13. I love playing with the old hardware. I’ve had my system for 36-37 years. Can’t switch to emulation.
  14. So this would connect a 4 switch 2600 to a crt that’s not too old? Nothing else needed? Thank you.
  15. A piece of my Atari 2600 broke this morning. Can anyone tell me what the piece is called and the best place to get a replacement. Thank you.
  16. Thanks Carlson for the pencil eraser advice. It didnt work on the burger time cart but worked on beamrider.
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