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  1. Atari 2600 Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man and Solar Fox.
  2. I think Ill listen to my Black 47 cd playing Atari tonight.
  3. No matter what you choose to eat, I hope you, your mom and sister have s happy thanksgiving.
  4. PlayStation 1 Tetris 93 minutes Atari 2600 Dodgeem. 16 mins Phoenix 18 mins Solar Fox 219 mins Bowling 6 mins No good scores at all this week. Played all seven days for about an hour per day. Start with 30 minutes of solar Fox each day and then I move on.
  5. Times for the week are : Atari 2600 games are Dodgeem 12 minutes Commando Raid 9 minutes Bowling 14 minutes Phoenix 11 minutes Solar Fox 261 minutes with a high score of 255 racks and over 5.4 million points. Also played NES Tetris for 60 minutes with s high score of 599,020. Finally I played 225 minutes of PlayStation 1 Tetris.
  6. NES Tetris PlayStation 1 Tetris Atari 2600 Commando Raid
  7. Tetris. NES. Original hardware. 599,020. My best in a while.
  8. I wont be playing this weekend so my times for the week are: All Atari 2600 Worm War 1 - 15 minutes Basketball. 4 mins Solar Fox. 149 minutes Phoenix. 18 minutes Video Pinball. 8 minutes. No high scores. No good scores.
  9. All Atari 2600 Bowling 7 minutes Dodge’em 10 minutes Solar Fox 142 minutes Stampede 4 minutes Video Pinball 9 minutes.
  10. Nes Tetris 32 minutes. Over 400,000 Intellivision using PlayStation disk: Pinball 5 minutes Space Battle 5 minutes Atari 2600 Bowling 16 minutes. High score of 199 Solar Fox 157 minutes Video Pinball 15 minutes Stampede 14 minutes. New game for me. Worm War 1 - 12 minutes
  11. Congrats to Oyamafamily. Great season. Thank you S Baz for organizing.
  12. NES Tetris 25 minutes. Atari 2600: Phoenix 39 mins Bowling 27 mins Basketball 30 mins Solar Fox 142 mins Worm War 1 - 24 mins Beam rider 4 mins Laser Blast 15 mins
  13. Atari 2600s: Basketball Worm War 1 Solar Fox
  14. Bowling. I scored 180 last night. And basketball where I beat the computer ladt night.
  15. My times for the week: NES Tetris 35 minutes (one of two NES games I play) ATari 2600; Solar Fox 108 minutes over five plays. I play 4-5 times a week every week for years. Breakout 14 minutes. Finally got the 864 again Laser Blast 15 minutes. Boring but I like it. Dodge'em 11 minutes. Old favorite. Sea quest 7 minutes Recent purchases include: Commando Raid18 minutes. Fun game. Keystone Kapers. 12 minutes. Fun game. Worm War 1. 42 minutes. Great game. Slot Machine. 10 minutes. Horrible game.
  16. agb


    Great picture. Great collection.
  17. My times for the week NES Tetris 70 mins Atari 2600 games: Keystone Kapers. 40 Laser Blast 15 Commando Raid 16 Breakout 87 Solar Fox 147
  18. All Atari 2600. Solar Fox 130 minutes. Keystone Kapers 10. Laser Blasr 15 minutes. First time posting here.
  19. agb

    Buying Commons

    Thank you Atari281. Received package today. They look great.
  20. agb

    Buying Commons

    List has been sent. Thank you.
  21. agb

    Buying Commons

    No. I have about 130 different commons and want to add about twenty more. Thanks.
  22. agb

    Buying Commons

    What would be the best, cheapest way to buy about twenty specific commons, preferably from one seller so as not to get killed in shipping fees. Is there a recommended online site. Thank you.
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