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  1. Currently hooked up, one per TV: Atari 2600 NES PS 1 PS 2 Flashback 6
  2. My first patch. Hope to get a couple more by Labor Day.
  3. Been playing every day. Fun game. 84,360.
  4. Thank you RJ. I should of said last night was the first time I played. My first score last night was around 160.
  5. 39470. First time ever playing Seaquest. Fun game
  6. jet Jeremiahjt, thanks for posting your left right results. I find your outcome very interesting since I could only win with the right paddle. I always thought that was true for everyone.
  7. I liked all of them. Hockey was my favorite. Problem I had was I and the people I played with can only win if they had the right side paddlers. The left would always lose. Did others have same issue?
  8. Bonus. Pink Panther is favorite due to music.
  9. I bought Asteroids the day before I bought the console. Then I got combat as the pack-in then breakout and laser blast.
  10. First time I played this game. Fun game. I haven't used my paddle in years.
  11. Solar Fox, Breakout, super Breakout and Dodge'em.
  12. Solar Fox Breakout Super Breakout Gran Prix Dig Dug Dodge Em Home Run Basketball River Raid Asteroids Galaxian Video Pinball Space Invaders Demon Attack PAC man Ms. PAC man PAC man Junior Turmoil Missile Command Video Olympics
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