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  1. Bonus. Pink Panther is favorite due to music.
  2. I bought Asteroids the day before I bought the console. Then I got combat as the pack-in then breakout and laser blast.
  3. First time I played this game. Fun game. I haven't used my paddle in years.
  4. Solar Fox, Breakout, super Breakout and Dodge'em.
  5. Solar Fox Breakout Super Breakout Gran Prix Dig Dug Dodge Em Home Run Basketball River Raid Asteroids Galaxian Video Pinball Space Invaders Demon Attack PAC man Ms. PAC man PAC man Junior Turmoil Missile Command Video Olympics
  6. Skiing 36.73 using PlayStation 1 Activision Classic Games.
  7. Bad score. Never played before. Using my flashback if that's ok.
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