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  1. Atari 2600 Dark Cavern for HSC 40 Frogger FB HSC 38 Pepsi Invaders FB HSC 57 Solar Fox 110 Star Wars ESB HSC 68 The AA HSC is really tough this year. Finished in 17th place two years ago and I’m struggling to be in top 40 this season.
  2. Times for the week NES Galaga 13 Fun game Hogans Alley 24 Super Mario Bros 63 Atari 2600 Atlantis 39 for HSC Demons to Diamonds 7 Eggomania 31 Human Cannonball 25 FB HSC Solar Fox 103
  3. Member since 2004. Usually love it but 1% of time, frustrating.
  4. My times for the week NES Duck Hunt 7 Hogans Alley 23 Super Mario Bros 16 Tetris 74 Atari 2600 Atlantis for HSC 3 Laser Gates FB HSC 62 No Escape HSC 33 very fun game Solar Fox 141 All fun.
  5. Good morning Vocelli.  You may have Maloff listed twice for Subterrania.

    Thank you for the great job organizing.


  6. I can often go 60 racks without seeing an even number rack but my goal each rack is to finish the rack and be able to read "Skip A" and I can never do that on rack 18. I often do on rack 13.
  7. Nice Solar Fox score. I always find rack 18 to be toughest getting a skip a rack. I didn't notice your Subterrania scoe on the HSC list this week.
  8. Times for the week NES Tetris 252 mins. Hoping to get back to where I used to be. Arcade Galaxian 10 Pole Position 2 - 11 Atari 2600 Allia Quest for FB HSC 38. Fun homebrew. Eggomania 61 Diamonds for Demons 28. Scored a PB. No Escape for HSC 30 Solar Fox 131 Star Voyager for HSC 19 Subterrania for HSC 124 All fun
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