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  1. Low score but lots of fun. Haven't played missle command in years. 21,370
  2. I always thought Home Run was s fun game. I played it a lot with friends 35 years ago and still play it at times.
  3. Are you allowed to use the PlayStation 1 activistion anthology? Thank you.
  4. 5 days a week for Atari 2600 and 3-4 for NES.
  5. agb

    Gemstik by Gemini

    I've had two for some time now. They work well but not as good as the original Atari 2600 joysticks.
  6. I have two 2600s. Not sure what they are called. One has four switches and one has six.
  7. I bought Asteroids first and then the next day I bought my first Atari 2600 system. Then the next day Breakout.
  8. agb

    Solar Fox ending

    Has this happened to anyone else. At the end of Rack 255, the game goes to rack 00, and there are no more dots. All you can do is go around the screen avoiding getting hit. You can't get out of rack 00 and you can't get any more points. The score stops at 5,550,000. I am attaching video. trim.C7800191-C1B7-4C59-8158-048A3F4D1434.MOV
  9. I play solar fox for 20-40 minutes every day. Sometimes longer. It's been the only cartridge in my 2600 for 25 years.
  10. Solar Fox, breakout and super breakout, turmoil and dodge'm
  11. 1,000,000 in laser blast and having solar fox end after rack 256.
  12. agb

    Atari boxes

    I see many collectors have over 100 games. Do any collectors have over 100 atari boxes?
  13. agb

    100 cartridge club

    I have 138 unique. All common. Miost recent addition is Beamrider. No double Enders. Only one Sears game.
  14. I think this shows rack 99 and then after 256 it shows ships shooting but screen is completed.
  15. Not sure how to upload pictures here. After rack 99 it goes to rack 0. Then after 199 it goes to 0. Both those zeros are rack 30 again. Then after 256 goes to 0 but has rack one pus some extras at the bottom. Once you clear the screen all you get are ships shooting at you. I can email or text some pictures if you want.
  16. Whenever I get to level 256 on solar fox the game ends. Is this true with all solar fox cartridges?
  17. Turned the game over after level 256. Score was 5,498,700. After level 256 the game doesn't continue.
  18. Turned the game over after level 256. Score was 5,498,700. After level 256 the game doesn't continue.
  19. Solar Fox for hours at a time. Also dig dug and super breakout and video pinball.
  20. 1 solar fox 2 super breakout 3 breakout 4 river raid 5 ms pacman 6 demon attack 7 gran prix 8 enduro 9 asteroid 10 pacman.
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